Many people hire a carpet cleaner and upholstery cleaner based totally on price. That is not right. Cutting corners on materials, equipment, and techniques means the lowest-priced vendors cannot compete green carpet cleaning services.

Many professional carpet cleaners use normal detergent and soap to complete their task. These carpet-cleaning agents are usually get at affordable rates if they buy in bulk. This saving does not give better outcomes. Using low quality soap and cleaning detergent can make incidental effects that you may not have realized.

Cheap and low quality cleaning detergent will not only harm your carpet, but could harm you and your family members as well as the environment. Here are some reasons why should you choose Green cleaning over traditional cleaning for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.


Most of the detergents and soaps used by traditional carpet cleaners are not organic. They are a combination of complex and harsh chemicals, which pulverize and dissolve the dirt from your carpet. This will successfully remove the dirt from the carpet but they will surely have wide range of other effects. Green carpet cleaning consist of organic solvents that do not contains harsh chemicals.


You can get your carpet cleaned from the harsh chemicals used by the traditional carpet cleaning service. However, the solvents used are not easy to remove from carpet. Even if you rinse or vacuum multiple times, the residue from the harsh chemicals will remain in the carpet fibers. This the fact with traditional, over-the-counter carpet cleaners. Sometimes, you can feel the crunch on your feet due to the residue after the carpet dries.

The residue from carpet cleaners can actually help attract dirt and oil to your carpet. This can make your carpet get dirty again even faster than before. This has high possibility in high traffic areas. Sometimes, telltale dark spots will appear in places where residue has gathered in an area where people walk frequently. It can also make mud, food, or pet stain removal more difficult.


Those harsh chemicals will not only damage your carpet, they can also affect your health. The residue, which has been left behind from traditional carpet cleaning still, contains traces of harsh chemicals. When you and your family members come in contact with the chemicals it can cause you skin irritation. These residue particles get mixed up in the air and can travel place to place inside your house. The family members and the pets inhale these airs, which could be injurious to health. This can cause dizziness, headache or any other respiratory problems. These is especially for those who have allergy problem. The strong chemical residue can use an allergic reaction in both the skin and lungs for people with sensitives.


Carpet cleaners pump most of the water used to clean the carpet back into their tanks. This water is the mixture of both the chemicals used and the dirt collected. However, what exactly happens with all that water afterward?

Unbelievably, the law states that carpet cleaners need to properly treat and dispose of this water. Carpet cleaner must use more chemicals to neutralize those they used to clean your carpet. Many will properly transport and neutralize the chemical so they do not cause harm to environment. Still, some corner cutting company opt to dump the water wherever they can without treatment. If not disposed properly, these chemicals may end up polluting the soil and groundwater.

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