What does green cleaning means?

Green cleaning means by using cleaning methods and products with naturally friendly ingredients and processes, which designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. Briefly, green cleaning means cleaning in a way that is not just safe for people and safe for the environment, but that is also maintainable in the long term.

Maintain Green Cleaning for long time

It sounds difficult, but the idea is very simple. The meaning of it is just that cleaning in a way that we could keep on doing, day after day after day — and in actual, without draining the globe’s resources to the point that upcoming generations could not do the same. Moreover, in developed countries like US, in reality we have lifestyles that may require resources of several other planets to maintain them, by using today’s methods and technology. . Therefore, we need to find ways of doing the cleaning using less resources, which means using less materials, less chemicals, less energy and less water for each job.

Green Cleaning Benefits:


  • Green cleaning benefits the environment by using non-toxic, biodegradable chemicals.
  • Reducing excess chemical usage through proper cleaning techniques.
  • Use of recycled paper products.


  • A Green cleaning program reduces coverage to toxic chemicals.
  • Reduces asthma attacks by effectively keeping out dust and chemical allergens.
  • Improves overall indoor air quality by reducing airborne dust and chemical gases.
  • Controls the spread of germs and disease by focusing on problem areas and properly applying disinfectants.


  • Green cleaning services include regular and improved maintenance of powered cleaning equipment.
  • Effectively reduces exposure to toxic and dangerous chemicals by implementing green products.
  • Utilizes automatic dilution dispensers for safer handling and efficient use of chemicals.
  • Proper and environmental friendly storage of chemicals.

Manufacturers of cleaning products have a legal responsibility only to supply products that used safely and to provide use instructions and labelling where necessary to guide safe use. Products are risk evaluated to ensure there will be no harm to people or the environment when they are properly used. Therefore, whichever product you choose, cleaning safely is really just a question of doing what it says on the pack.

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