Cleaning of upholstery is a very important especially for those who have pets and infants in their home. It is vital because there are lots of bacteria, dust and mold have settled on the furniture. So having an annual clearing routine is very important for your abode. Still, it is very common for homeowners to clean their furniture poorly or unaware about the best way to go. Here are some upholstery cleaning quick tips by Five Star experts.

Use appropriate cleaning products

The common mistake by everyone for upholstery cleaning is not using the appropriate cleaning products. If you are not confident about which product to be used, a quick tip is to contact the manufacturer or the retailer and ask them what they suggest.

Avoid products until you are not sure about its effectiveness. Otherwise, you are putting your furniture at risk for staining and damage.

Do a pre patch test

It is vital to test the cleaning agent over a small area of stain on the upholstery. Once you are confirm that the product works properly, and then carry it out to the rest of the piece. It is important that with this you are using right cleaning methods. Doing wrongs steps can ruin you upholstery.

Never Soak in Water

One of the biggest mistakes done by people in upholstery cleaning is soaking the item into the water. Using excessive amount of water can deepen the stains and cause more damage to the spot.

Be careful with the material

There are variety of fabric materials as well as their different cleaning methods. A leather sofa is very different from plush sofa, so make sure you are cleaning everything properly according to the type of fabric of your upholstery.

Make sure you are cleaning your furniture frequently.

To prolong the life of your upholstery, its good you clean your upholstery once per year. You should vacuum your furniture every two weeks. Especially if you have pets and make sure, you treat stain as fast as possible.

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