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    Upholstery is the most common assets in a house. Every home has that one favorite chair or sofa where you use to spend lots of time enjoying movies or console games. Are you aware of what are the factors that make your easy chair or sofa so comfortable? It’s not just the size or the shape of the furniture, it’s also the upholstery.

    Upholstery is a general term for leather covers, paddings, fabrics, coils etc. that gives softness to our furniture chairs. The softness on the couch or sofa doesn’t make us realize that we are sitting on a rigid wooden frame. Upholstered furniture is available in the market at the various price range, it all depends on your taste and budget. Even material are available at various range from traditional to modern.

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    What Gets Upholstery Dirty?

    Food stain: Everyone like to eat and watch movies sitting on the couch. While eating food fall on upholstery and create stains. Trust us, food stain is ugly marks on the upholstery, they can also invite insects. And they would love to call your home as theirs also.

    Dust: Dust is the most common problem faced by the people, you can find it even in less quantity. Dust can settle on the surface and even find ways into a duct, crannies of the furniture.

    Dust can cause discoloration to upholstery and over time what was once bright and vivid make look dull. Dust can also cause severe allergic reactions.

    Sweat and Odor: If you love sitting on a couch watching movies or playing games, chances are you will spend a lot of time there, and most likely in whatever state of dress. The more your skin makes contact with the surface the more chance your sweat will get on. After some time your furniture will give out a bad smell. Which will be not liked by anyone.

    Pet hair: If you have a furry companion at your home it is possible your favorite couch is also favorite of your pet. When they enjoy couch, they leave hairs behind. And sometimes something worse.

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