People often have doubt that they will get better results if they hire professional upholstery cleaners than doing it by themselves. While, there are obviously some problems that everyone can handle with ease on his own, but I will draw your attention to some cleaning operations that professionals apply, that reveal benefits of getting your upholstery cleaning in professional way.

Hot water Extraction:

In many cases, heat is the key to best cleaning results. Upholstery manufacturers mostly recommend hot water extraction method. Alas, we could not get the temperatures that is required for proper cleaning using our bare hands because it need temperature between 100 and 200 degrees. This method known as steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is the only method considered for deep cleaning. Rest all cleaning techniques are consider as light surface cleaning, as they cannot reach the soil and microbes under the fabric.

Heated Cleaning Solution

Professionals also prefer pre-spray-products; its temperature goes up to 100 degrees. That is impossible to do at home without professional equipment. It is globally accepted that hot water and solution can cause dullness in colour, shrinkage or any other type of damage to upholstery. This can be possible but in case of professionals working the chance is very less because the follow strict company procedures as pre-testing. The fact the public is unaware about is that hot water and solution vacuumed with powerful professional machine dries the fabric very fast, this prevents shrinking and colour dullness and results into great spotless result.

Upholstery Cleaning in Professional Way

Professional Tools

Vacuum cleaners are normally available in every homes, in fact portable steam cleaners nowadays. However, the machines that professionals have are much more powerful and effective than yours. With these machines, professionals can deal with tough stains and dirt. It has more advantages as if the ratio can be adjusting the ratio between pressure and temperature. Modes can changed according to the upholstery types. When we talk about professional equipment, it is not only about vacuums and truck-mounts. Even the brushes used by professional upholstery cleaners called “agitation” of the pre-spray are designed for the best results.

Cleaning products and detergents

Professionals work with high-end machines and best products, which have best outcomes but hard to afford for everyday use like normal cleaning detergents, which are normally available in the local market. People are concerned because upholstery cleaners still use harsh chemicals for cleaning. However, nowadays due to standards and concerns regarding the family and environment they have switched to products that may not affects pets, children and people with asthma and sensitive skin.

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