Providing the feeling of softness, comfort, and elegance, carpet is the most preferred flooring among homeowners. So, carpet cleaning and maintenance is the top-most priority for the people who wish to have a neat and clean home. This is only possible through deep carpet cleaning, eliminating dust pollutants. 

Over the year, carpets get dirty because of the heavy foot traffic. Despite putting your best efforts at vacuuming deeply penetrated dust pollutants remain inside the carpet making it dull. Professional carpet cleaning is the ultimate way to get back the original beauty of your carpet flooring. Professionals use advanced cleaning techniques and equipment to prolong the life of your carpets.

How experts can handle my dirty carpet? This is one of the common curiosities among most of the homeowners as they don’t have proper knowledge about carpet cleaning. Therefore, this blog reveals top secrets about carpet cleaning from the professionals to help you keep your carpets clean, maintaining its shine.

Tips For Carpet Cleaning By The Professionals

Try Ordinary Shaving Cream

Shocked? Yes, you heard it right! Shaving cream is the best cleaning agent responsible for removing tough stains. Just apply the shaving cream directly on the stains and settle it for 30 minutes. Soak up with a dry cloth and finish it by spraying the spot area with the mixture of 1-part vinegar and 1-part water. At last, wipe the area with the cloth.

Use Dishwasher Detergent

Worried about difficult-to-clean grease stain on your carpet? Try using grease-cutting dishwasher detergent mixed with water and fill it in a sprinkle bottle. Apply it on the spot and dry using an absorbent material as per how hard is the stain. It will cut through the grease in the carpet just it works on the dishes.

Hydrogen Peroxide- A Great Savior

Hydrogen Peroxide is a powerful cleaning solution help you in removing the blood on your carpets. A few drops of blood cannot ruin your carpet. So firstly, try to loosen the blood stain using the mixture of water and detergent. Scrap off as much as you can and then apply hydrogen peroxide directly to the stain. As a result, the form will appear when it comes in contact with blood. Dap the applied hydrogen peroxide with a white cloth to dry the carpet.

Deep Clean Your Carpet On Regular Basis

Deep cleaning your carpet on the regular basis is important to maintain its shine. Therefore, you can go for the steam carpet cleaning technique which includes the under pressure injection of cleaning solution deep inside the carpet via water-jet nozzles. This will extract the solution combining dirt and debris in your carpet. Professionals will suggest deep carpet cleaning every six months.

Meet One Of The Best Cleaning Experts

Your carpet deserves care! Don’t be too harsh using chemical cleaning products, and consider above-mentioned techniques for carpet by the experts. One of the renowned professional providing quality carpet cleaning service is Five Star Carpet and Tile Care. We help you restore the original look of your dirty carpet. Our carpet cleaning service is available at Bermuda Dunes, Desert Hot Spring, Indio, La Quinta, Rancho Cucamonga, Palm Spring and in all nearby locations.

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