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    Tile Cleaning

    Common areas in your home that have tile which requires tile cleaning:-

    • Bathroom floors
    • Showers and tubs
    • Kitchen floors
    • Foyers
    • Entryways
    • Hallways
    • Sunrooms
    • Countertops
    • Backsplashes

    Jerry D. from Palm Desert, CA writes…
    “John does a great job on carpet and tile. Always on time. He takes his time and does it right. Very professional. Simply can’t say enough.”

    Regular mopping and wiping your tile floors with a sponge are not effective cleaning methods for tile and grout cleaning. Actually, when you mop your tile floors, you loosen the dirt from the tiled areas. Besides that, the dirty wash water then settles in the lowest points on the floor which is the grout joints.

    Over time the build-up of dirty wash water and use of harsh tile cleaner residue discolors the grout lines. Further, no amount of mopping will clean it out. Even scrubbing the grout on your hands and knees with a stiff brush will not be as effective as our professional tile and grout cleaning.

    Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning

    Clean floors start with a thorough professional tile and grout cleaning by FIVE STAR CARPET AND TILE CARE. We use state-of-the-art tile and grout cleaning technology that combined with powerful high-pressure washing method to tackle even the most difficult problem tile and grout floors.

    Since tile and grout are very durable, we can turn the water pressure way up to 1,000 psi so that we can clean all the dirt from deep down within all the nooks and crannies.

    There are three steps to our tile and grout cleaning process: alkaline, acid, and sealing.  The alkaline process removes all of the dirt; acid removes the stains, and sealing helps to protect the grout lines from staining in the future. In most cases, we can make your tile and grout look like new again!

    With our innovative process, we can handle both residential and commercial tile and grout cleaning works. Which leaves your tile floors spotless and hygienic and your grout lines restored to their original clean condition.

    We often get tremendous results when we clean tile and grout in kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, sunrooms, and more. Call us today to see how wonderful your tile floor can look!