We use professional tile cleaning technology to restore floor tiles. Your favorite carpet cleaners, Five Star Carpet & Tile Care now offer professional tile and grout cleaning services to Palm Desert homes and businesses. This professional service includes tile and grout cleaning and carried by trained tile cleaners. Palm Desert residents have long recognized the quality of Five Star Carpet & Tile Care’s work in cleaning services and can now appoint us for superior service to restore floor tiles in your home, office or other commercial location.

What to Expect From Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Services?

The grout between tiles can create a perfect breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria and diseases, mostly in wet areas. Dirt and grime builds up over time and is significantly harder to remove if left longer. We make use of the latest technologies in tile and grout cleaning and carefully select cleaners to remove stains, bacterial build-up and other unwanted residues from your tiled surfaces. Our professional tile and grout cleaning service covers all types of tile and grout you have.

Tile and grout cleaning services for Palm Desert

Our powerful professional systems for tile and grout cleaning achieves a deep down clean, with use of the latest high pressure steam cleaning and extraction machines and specialty cleaners to remove grime, dirt and bacteria from your tile & grout that sits between your tiles. Five Star Carpet & Tile Care restores the shine to your tiles making them look like brand new helping your home become a cleaner and healthier place.

We are Not Just Carpet Cleaners

Five Star Carpet & Tile Care have built a solid reputation for Palm Desert’s best carpet cleaning service, but we offer so much more than just steam cleaning to our residential and business customers. Our cleaners will bring the sparkle and freshness back to your home in no time. Rest assured all of our team members are skilled experts.

We guarantee the work we do; no matter how big or small is your property. All staff of Five Star Carpet & Tile Care go through intensive training sessions and master all techniques, including steam cleaning of tiles. Besides their superior training, our cleaners receive background checking. They are also regularly checked by our quality control supervisors and are fully insured.