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  • Pet Odor Removal Palm Springs CA

    It sometimes happens your faithful or trained pet accidentally urinates on your carpet or rug. The urine will quickly seep into the fiber of the carpet and will saturate.

    Furry friends can be a major reason for long-lasting smell throughout your house from both hair buildup and urine. Without eliminating pet hair before cleaning, the problem will persist due to the odor within that hair.

    With the help of Five Star Carpet And Tile Care Palm Springs, you can stop worrying about your home when a guest is arriving. Our cleaners can solve any type of pet problem quickly. Our cleaners are so skilled that they easily remove any pet hair that sits deep into the carpet fiber. They will then clean and sanitize your carpet to ensure the deep removal of odors. Once the impurities are removed, you will get a deep and best clean.

    pet odor removal palm springs

    Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

    At Five Star Carpet And Tile Care, we deal with the issues at the source by coming into your home and decontaminating these odors so they are not only eradicated but safely disinfected. Infants love to lay and play around the same carpet that has been targeted by the pets with lots of bacteria.

    We are serious about your family health. That’s the reason we only use environmentally friendly cleaning products that to which pet odor removal experts and the fabric manufacturers recommend. We always ensure that after cleaning there is nothing left back that could be harmful to your children or your pet. Call us to enjoy the best pet odor removal Palm Springs.

    Five Star Carpet And Tile Care offer a free assessment and quote for all your odor removal needs!

    Call us today at 760-774-7961. We provide pet odor removal Palm Springs and nearby areas. Moreover, we are a leading service provider of pet odor removal in Palm Springs.