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    Carpet cleaning is the service, in which we are best. We do it every day and we have been working in the carpet cleaning industry with a combined experience of more than 12 years. We are the best carpet cleaner Palm Springs.

    You have a carpet which is looking beautiful, sparkly, and it also adding beauty to your home and office. But among all these, there is one thing which seems not to be right. It gets filthy and smelly very frequently. It sickens you that something of that elegance can’t seem to be dirt free.  Well, if the carpet is never used, lying there on the floor, it would be as great as it can be. But if you use it, and therefore it needs to be maintained.

    Carpet Cleaner Palm Springs

    We believe when it comes carpet cleaner Palm Springs, time is of the essence, so we have our trained cleaner on standby to attend you immediately, making sure you get that what you are expecting when you want it. This is at the core of our customer service. Contact us today for a same day carpet cleaning service in Palm Springs. We will be glad to provide service to you.


    Tile and Grout Cleaning Palm Springs CA

    Over time, tile floors and surfaces lose their shine and luster. Scrubbing and mopping do not generally yield the results needed for a deep clean. Because grout is porous and absorbs all the dirt and debris on it, mopping only removes surface soil and not the embedded dirt that causes the grout to become dull. Five Star Carpet And Tile Care Palm Springs can restore tile and grout to a better condition.

    Our grout-sealing product helps to maintain the cleaned grout for months and makes your regular home maintenance more effective. And, if your grout is dull or you want to update the look, we offer grout recoloring services in a variety of colors to suit your style. There will be one day when your tiled floor and surface will lose their shine. Scrubbing and mopping will not give you the deep clean. Five Star Carpet and Tile Care can help you to restore tile and grout to it’s the best condition.


    Upholstery Cleaning Palm Springs CA

    Having a well-furnished home or an office is good but it is your responsibility to make your customers, visitors and a guest to feel welcomed and valued by having well cared for upholstery. Using specially designed products, equipment and methods, the upholstery experts at Five Star Carpet and Tile Care help to restore the quality of your upholstery. Moreover, removing dust and allergens from sofas, chairs, office partitions, fabric panels, and other upholstered furniture can help to enjoy a healthier environment for everyone. We can easily remove the toughest stains using our specialized solution. We also remove the dust particles which are not visible through the naked eye such as; dead skin cells, oil, and dust that can only eliminate with a thorough professional cleaning.


    Pet Odor Removal Palm Springs CA

    Just imagine how embarrassing it would be if your friend or your relative says you there is something smelling bad in your home. Certainly, it is not good to face such a situation. Pet odor removal by Five Star Carpet and Tile Care will help you to get rid of those messy horrid and unpleasant odors left behind by your furry friend. We guarantee that our techniques deliver excellent odor removal results on affected areas. And we will make it smell fresh and look clean once again. We will give our best to deal with the toughest stains using a safe solution and methods.


    Contact us now at 760-774-7961 and get the best services at the very best price.