You probably landed here in search of how to get pet odor out of the house? Well, dealing with pet odor is just part of the gig for pet owners.

Although you are in love with your pet, probably aren’t crazy about the way they make your home smell. Having pets doesn’t mean you need to live with their smells! While it is challenging to eliminate dog-related odors, it is possible to do but it will need a bit of effort and strategic smelly thinking.

Here are 5 simple ways that can solve your question “How to get pet odor out of the house”

Sweep and Mop All of Your Home’s Hard Floors

The first thing you need to do is to remove all the (Mess) loose debris your pet create. This not only includes the hair and the dirt they track inside but their dander too. As hair, dander and dust particles are light, you need to do it carefully when trying to deal with them.

Sweep and Mop

Make sure you sweep gently so you don’t end up kicking these things up into the air, where they’ll spread to other areas of your house. Instead, try to sweep carefully, and ferry them to the trash can with a dustpan as frequently as possible.

Once you are done with sweeping everything, go back and mop all the hard surfaces to eliminate any of the dust and debris you missed while sweeping. If you don’t want to break out the mop bucket, at least give the floor a nice cleaning using a cleaning solution.

Get an Odor-Resistant Bed for Your Pet

Your pet’s bed is one of those places which smell lurk. Buying a bed that has anti-microbial properties and resists orders is a step towards hygiene and cleanliness in the home. These beds are easy-to-clean, machine washable covers and can be used with odor trappers to keep the scent in the pouch and out of the air in your home.

Odor-Resistant Bed for Your Pet

Get an Air Purifier For Your Home

Air purifiers are an ideal way to cut down on allergies and odors in the air keeping your house fresh. Make sure you buy a HEPA-type filter because they trap up to 99% of airborne particles and you can use it with or without the air fresheners.

Odor-Resistant Bed for Your Pet

Get a Blacklight (Ultra Violet Lights) and Get on To Your Forensic Analysis.

Even after cleaning all the problematic areas you were able to find, but still, the odor continues to persist, you may need a high-tech solution. Saliva, urine, and other body fluids will glow when they are exposed to UV light, so you can use one to help you to find trouble areas which have previously eluded your attention.

Blacklight (Ultra Violet Lights)

You need to turn off all the lights inside your home before scanning with the UV lights. Make sure you scan your furniture and the lower portions of your walls too, to ensure you locate all of the problematic spots.

UV lights will also show you a variety of things besides the body fluids, such as spilled drinks and the residue left behind by cleaning products. However, most of these things glow bright white, while urine and saliva tend to glow pale yellow to green.

One Day in a Week Only For Pet Accessories Care

Choose a day and wash all the pet-related items and give a proper bathe to pet as well. Gather up all those toys, beds, blankets, clothes, eating bowl, harness, etc. and wash them properly. This is a great day to rotate toys outs – keeping the toys clean cuts downs the smells in the storage area and prevent molds, mildews, etc. from growing.

Blacklight (Ultra Violet Lights)

These are the basic methods that can help you with “How to get pet odor out of the house”. Trying these basic methods will definitely make your home free from pet odor and stains.

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