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    Carpet Cleaning Indio CA

    Carpet cleaning is the service, in which we are best. We do it every day. We have been working in the carpet cleaning industry as a carpet cleaner Indio with a combined experience of over 12 years.

    At Five Star Carpet And Tile Care, we make the entire process simple, from start to finish. In addition, providing free quotes, our dedicated customer service team will ensure that you get the service necessary at a time that fits your schedule.

    Whether in your home or your office, we understand that your carpet is a major investment. When you are welcoming guests to your home or clients to your workplace; we know you want the first impressions to be great ones.

    Your carpet’s life can extend by a simple maintenance system. The key to good carpet maintenance is to prevent the particles of loose dirt and dust that will inevitably appear from working their way down into the pile. If they do, they will act harshly on your carpet’s fibers and can cause discoloration. Some cleaning methods leave behind residual chemicals that can cause rapid re-soiling.

    Five Star Carpet And Tile Care use the most common method that is hot water extraction. Also known as steam carpet cleaning with most powerful truck mounted systems. Our intelligent system, combined with our powerful cleaning methods, has the ability to clean hard to remove stains, eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms, deep in your carpet and prolong the lifespan of your investment, keeping your carpets fresh, clean and bright.

    carpet cleaning

    Our technicians have the combination of industry-leading cleaning technology and the knowledge as well as the expertise with the correct industry standard training. The carpets at your property will be left looking brand new after the steam cleaning service.


    Tile and Grout Cleaning Indio CA

    The gaps between the grout and tile collect the porous materials, dirt, and grime which makes the surface dull. Some people think that regular mopping and cleaning can do to maintain the tiles and grout. But they need to understand that it does not reach the hidden dirt that resides within the pores of the grout lines.

    With the passage of time, tile and grout can become stained and dirty. You need expert help to get them looking clean again. Five Star Carpet And Tile Care Indio’s state of the art cleaning equipment uses a combination of treatments or acid to break down the dirt using heat, pressure and vacuum rinsing. This method of cleaning is deeper, more powerful and superior to anything that you have ever witnessed before. Whether your tiles are in the kitchen, bathroom, on the wall, or the floor – we guarantee to restore them to a like-new condition.

    tile cleaning

    After deep cleaning your floor, one of the biggest problems that our customers face is keeping the grout clean. At Five Star Carpet & Tile Care Indio, we use a special sealing agent to seal the grout and to protect the color of your tiles. This solution is available in different colors, which allows you to change the color of your grout so that it can better complement the existing tiles.

    This is an important part of the process as grout is very porous. By not sealing the grout would mean that spillages would be absorbed back into the grout causing further staining and when carrying out general cleaning the dirty water would be absorbed. This would be carried out after a thorough deep clean of the tiles and grout.


    Upholstery Cleaning Indio CA

    Keeping pets or having children means that you have to be a bit more concerned about any nook and corner of your home. However, this attention is the same demanding for your corporate location. Whether you have pets or kids, your location is hosting place for friends and family or simply a busy home, each day your upholstered furniture is in a continuous workout.

    While there is a discussion about upholstery, one cannot ignore germs, pollens, food crumbs, dust, dirt, stains, and blemishes. However, any of these cannot mean that the furniture is going to be dirty. In such situations, the Five Star Carpet & Tile Care provides you with the refreshing upholstery cleaning in Indio that can lengthen the life of your furniture and keep it in healthy and safe condition for a longer time.

    We have certified upholstery cleaners and recognized as one of the most educated and experienced upholstery care companies in the Indio area. Upon a thorough inspection, we will determine the proper cleaning procedure for your specific needs.

    Cleaning Method

    The most common method of upholstery cleaning is hot water extraction. Using a blend of water-based solvent cleaners to break down commonly found soils in upholstery. Such as body oils, hair product resides and foods. Then a high-velocity vacuum extracts all the solutions and soils into a waste tank leaving your upholstery clean and looking vibrant.

    Five Star Carpet & Tile Care have invested heavily in the latest upholstery cleaning equipment so that we can clean even the toughest stained sofas. This will save you the expense of replacements removing bacteria, chemicals, dirt, dust mites, fungus, germs, grease, pet stains, pollens and pollutants giving you a clean and healthy environment.

    Once your upholstery/sofa has been deep cleaned we will then treat it with a stain protector; which will help to prevent any spillages that may occur from becoming permanent. Along with making it easier for you to maintain.


    Pet Odor Removal Indio CA

    Pets are an adorable addition to any family. However, owning a pet mean many concerns, with not only the pet but also all other things in your surroundings. We are very aware of the unique challenges pet owners face when trying to keep their homes clean.

    Urine deposited onto carpet not only leaves an unattractive stain but also penetrates the fibers and contaminates both the flooring material underneath the carpet and the backing of the carpet. Without you knowing, your pets may be regularly urinating in the same spot on your carpet.

    pet odor removal palm desert

    Bad or foul odors create an unhealthy indoor air quality. And can contaminate most surfaces in your home or office environment. The presence of a foul odor indicates the presence of potentially harmful mold, mildew, allergens, bacteria. Or other contaminants such as human urine, dog urine or cat urine, pet dander, vomit, cigarette smoke or musty odor.

    However, thanks to Five Star Carpet & Tile Care innovative Pet Odor and Stain Removal Treatment, we can recover even the most severely affected areas in your home. We use state-of-the-art cleaning product specifically designed to eliminate the foul smell of urine altogether.

    Five Star Carpet & Tile Care experts start working on the infected area by a thorough examination of your carpet and flooring to make sure that there is no mold, moisture or damage. Soon after the examination, we deal with the area and treat them with good quality anti-microbial disinfectant. Soon after the treatment, we assure that the area will be stain and odor proof. And there would be no sign of any incident left behind.


    Stone Cleaning

    Rather than deep cleaning, your natural stone, save your hands and leave the job for Five Star Carpet & Tile Care Indio. Granite, marble, slate, travertine or limestone tiles are no problem for us.

    We hate to see scratches, etches, and wear marks. So we will be sure to leave your stone looking fresh and sparkling.  We guarantee to use the cleaning method most appropriate for your stone’s original sheen.  After the cleaning process is through, Five Star Carpet & Tile Care Indio technicians will apply a special sealant to protect your natural stone against moisture and future stains.

    Key advantages to our cleaning techniques:

    • Stop mold and mildew growth
    • Provides a completely even color that won’t fade through cleaning
    • Restores old, tired and damaged stone back to new
    • It’s very easy to clean and maintain

    The most important consideration for us is your safety. That is why; we use child and pet safe solutions that are not harsh on sensitive skin.

    Green Cleaning

    Green cleaning refers to using cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures. They are designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. Green cleaning techniques and products avoid the use of products, which contain toxic chemicals. Some of which emit volatile organic compounds causing respiratory, dermatological and other conditions.

    To the everyday person cleaning their home, “Green” simply means something better for the environment.

    We care about your home. At Five Star Carpet & Tile Care, we use only products and ingredients that are environmentally safe and effective. We carefully clean with products that are harsh-free, biodegradable and toxin-free, giving peace of mind for you, your family, and pets.

    Green cleaning provides a thorough clean that improves your indoor air quality to better protect the health and safety of your family; while minimizing the environmental impact on your local water supply. By letting us clean, you are also helping to provide a living wage to our cleaners; in order to bring exemplary service into your home. Our stress-free scheduling and quality assurance systems keep us at the top of our game. So you can have a consistent and reliable service that shines.

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