Your carpet may cover more area of your home but we can bet you that you use to spend more time on your couch. Couch are the main assets of the hall. It is frequently used such as when friends or relative come to visit you or watching movies etc.

While you may have your carpets professionally cleaned, for some reasons most of the people seem to overlook their upholstery. Do you remember when you last had your sofa cleaned?

Couch, armchairs, pouffes and other upholstered furniture are exposed every day to dust spillages, oils, allergens, and a host of other things. If you could not remember when your upholstered furniture was last cleaned then maybe it’s about time you went ahead and get it cleaned.

Time-to -time cleaning can help prolong the life of your upholstered furniture. Besides that, it has not over-cleaned because this could damage it. Therefore, you are probably thinking, “well how often upholstery cleaning should be done then?

Surface cleaning

Alike your carpet your upholstery should be vacuumed on regular basis too. So next time whenever you are vacuuming your carpet, vacuum your upholstery also. Vacuuming on daily basis is vital to remove pet hair, dust, dirt, and allergens.

Simple regular surface cleaning like this goes a long way to keep your upholstery as dirt free as possible and maintains it too. It is also important to vacuum your upholstery thoroughly before any deep cleaning is undertaken.

Deep cleaning

There is no appropriate answer for how often you should get your upholstery cleaned because it really depends upon various factors. For instance, if it is in a main hall and gets use a lot, or else you have children or pet, then it is probable that it gets dirty quite quickly, and may need more frequent cleaning.

As a thumb rule, professional deep cleaning of upholstery should be done twice a year, at the interval to 6 months. Unless of course children and pet on a regular basis abuse your furniture, you notice a musty smell, or the manufacturer recommends more frequent cleaning.

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