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    Tile and Grout Cleaning Indio CA

    Tile and Grout Cleaning: An Ideal Way to Maintain Your Flooring

    Your entire tiled surface can lose the appearance because of the dirty and discolored grouts. Actually, the one difference between clean-looking tiles and disgusting-looking tiles is the condition of your grout. The only solution for both is proper care by performing tile and grout cleaning on regular basis.

    It doesn’t matter whether you have tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, or somewhere else: the grout between the tiles can get easily stained. In the kitchen, the cooking spills are the major reason for stains on the grout. When it comes to the bathroom, soap, mold, and mildew work in tandem to discolor your grout. 

    So, are you figuring out how to make your tiled floors, walls, and counters clean? Always begin with a thorough grout cleaning. Fortunately, you can use this quick and easy method to eliminate dirt and grime and make your tiled surface look good as new! We know you have a hectic schedule, so here we have shared some simple and quick tips that can help you to maintain and enjoy clean tile and grout at your home.

    3 Tips to Have Sparkling Tile and Grout at Your Home

    1. Use baking soda and vinegar

    Make a solution of baking soda and vinegar, this can help you to clean the grouts. If your home has marbles or limestone tile, avoid using vinegar as it can spoil the natural stone. Alternatively, you can use baking soda and water to perform tile and grout cleaning, this will eliminate stains from the grout without harming the surface.

    2. Use bleach and water

    Before you apply bleach to the surface apply some warm water to the tile and the grout. Use a brush to scrub the bleach into the tile, and rinse away the dirt with warm water. If you want you can repeat the process until both the grout and tile look clean and polished. Then you need to mop or wipe the surface removing the remnants of the bleach.

    3. Use dish soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide

    Firstly, blend baking soda, dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide in a bowl, and then mix it properly and make a paste. Apply this paste on the grout, and use a brush to scrub away the dirt and grime from the surface. Then you need to rinse the mixture with warm water and repeat the application if the dirt or the stain remains. Make sure you do not brush too aggressively on natural stone or grout as it can damage the surface. Finally, you need to rinse the surface one and use a clean white cloth to make it dry.

    Have professional tile and grout cleaning at home

    If you have a hectic schedule or you need to manage the home from kids to pets. There is no need to spend hours scrubbing your tile with DIY cleaners. Five Star Carpet & Tile Care can help. We have helped many customers in Indio and nearby areas since 2001 and continue to keep their tile and grout cleaning and shining.

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    tile and grout cleaning services

    Thinking of Tile and Grout Cleaning Before Christmas Arrives?

    Fall has already started and soon you will be facing winter. As December to February falls under winter months, it also brings the annual festival of commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ “Christmas”. It is a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. It is also preceded by the season of Advent. Christmas Day is a public holiday in a majority of the world’s nations. Students get a vacation from schools and employees from their offices. So, here we came with some important tips for best tile and grout cleaning before Christmas.

    Do you know what people will do in the Christmas holidays?

    During this season friends and relatives come and visit each other to wish and celebrate at their homes. There are few things in your home which can be easily noticed by your guests, such as your carpet, tile and grout, curtains and rugs. So, it is very important to keep them clean before such occasion or any other get-together. Most of the people prefer to clean their home. Especially tile and grout cleaning before the vacation so they can enjoy their vacation with their family members to create some memorable time.

    If you have dirty tile and grouts, you know how embarrassed it feels, if it is noticed by your guests. In the kitchen, spills can cause your grout to become dirty. In the bathroom, soap, mildew, and molds are the major cause of dirty grout. Although, there are some great solutions for cleaning grout and bringing that shine back. Use the tips given below from the experts of Five Star Carpet and Tile Care.  

    Vinegar and Baking Soda

    Vinegar is a great cleaning solution that can be used anywhere in the home. Fill up an empty spray bottle with half vinegar and half portion water. Spray it on the tile and grout, let it sit for five minutes and then scrub the grout with a stiff-bristled brush. If you need more powerful cleaning, make a mixture of baking soda and water until it forms a paste. Cover the grout lines using the paste, and spray on the vinegar solution. Then the foaming process will start. Once foaming is done, scrub with the stiff brush and rinse it off with water.

    Steam Cleaner

    Using a steam cleaner is an eco-friendly method to clean the tiles and grouts. It is the easy and best option where you don’t need to get down on the floor for best cleaning result like brushing the grouts.

    Pull up your socks and get to tile and grout cleaning. Follow the given steps to clean your tile and grout. If you are not confident about DIY or you are not able to manage enough time for cleaning, contact Five Star Carpet and Tile Care. We can bring your tile and grout to its original condition before Christmas. We provide tile and grout cleaning in Bermuda Dunes, Desert Hot Spring, Indio, La Quinta, Rancho Cucamonga, and Palm Spring and all nearby areas.

    Call us now and grab the best Christmas offers on tile and grout cleaning as well as other cleaning services. So, don’t waste your time and call us at  +1 760-774-7961to have an advantage of our offers.

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    How To Clean Bathroom Tiles

    How To Clean Bathroom Tiles?

    Are your bathroom tiles deteriorating the look of the bathroom? Are you facing trouble in cleaning tiles? Here’s what you need to know: 

    Bathrooms are one of the areas in your property that are getting the heaviest usage. Cleaning bathrooms can be a critical task. It is important to keep it clean as it can soon start losing its shine. Don’t worry, here are some of the tips on how to clean bathroom tiles properly: 

    Grout lines 

    The first and foremost thing that you need to focus on tile and grout is the grout lines. Grout lines are porous in nature and are the center of the attraction on any tiled surface. They can attract dirt, dust, and stains and help mold to grow. They begin to appear dirty and spoils the look of the bathroom.  

    Check your products, especially your shampoo before using. If it has any colorants or dyes in it, then there are chances that the color will over time settle on your white grout and discolor it.  Whether you are using such type of products, then you should clean your wall tiles with a clean cloth and wipe them. 

    The best way to tackle the cleaning is to use an old toothbrush and an effective cleaning agent. Mix some baking soda with vinegar in a bowl and form a paste. When applied into the grout with a toothbrush, it will easily cut through the dirt without causing any damage. 

    Wall Tiles 

    Beginning with the wall tiles, you first need to consider the finish of them as this will dictate which products to use. Vinegar should be perfectly fine on ceramic tiles. If you have plain ceramic tiles then you should be fine using a scouring pad but if you have printed pattern tiles then a soft sponge or microfiber cloth is a safer way to go. Also never use vinegar or harsh cloths on marble surfaces as they’ll ultimately do a lot more harm than good! 

    Firstly, you need to check the finish of the tiles, which can help you to choose the right cleaning agent or product. For ceramic tiles, vinegar is the best choice. Vinegar acts as a degreaser. Take a soft sponge or a microfiber cloth to clean the wall tiles with vinegar.  

    Floor Tiles 

    Use of a steam cleaner is best if you have large floor tiles area. A steam cleaner will work through any dirt and grime present on your bathroom floor tiles quickly and effectively.  

    It is advisable to check the type of floor tiling before using a steam cleaner. Start with cleaning the bathroom floor tile with a clean cloth to clean big dust particles. Guide the steam cleaner over the floor, such as it covers the whole bathroom floor.  

    Finally, leave it to dry keeping the windows and door open so as to let in fresh air. Complete the process by wiping the floor with a cloth.  

    Now, you know how to clean your bathroom tiles, you can do it yourself. 

    If you are still confused about the process, then contact professionals at Five Star Carpet And Tile Care. We provide professional tile and grout cleaning in Cathedral City, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Indio, Rancho Cucamonga, Bermuda Dunes and all major nearby areas. 

    Call us at 760-774-7961 and have your bathroom cleaned professionally. 

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    Grout Cleaning Using Steam Cleaner

    Grout Cleaning Using Steam Cleaner

    Ceramic tile and grout get dirty very easily and cleaning them is one the most difficult task. The buildup of grime, dust and grease in the grout are very nasty to look. As a result of the rapid color change that alter radically the appearance of your floors and walls.

    Majority of people complete this task using a small brush and lots of harsh cleaning chemicals. These harsh chemicals discolors the grout or likewise erode sections of it. Sealing the grout will only work if it is currently perfectly clean, unless you want it look dirty forever.

    We do not need to explain you that why this task traditionally makes a mess and takes lot of time to complete. Here we will show you techniques to get great results for grout cleaning using steam cleaner from Five Star Carpet & Tile Care. A good quality dry vapor steam cleaner is definitely the most efficient, mess-free and eco-friendly method to rapidly restore any grout to its original color.

    The steam has low moisture and gentle pressure. It actually forces the dirt out of the grout. Furthermore, it brings dirt to the surface where you can wipe it off. When you are using a steam vacuum cleaner there is no need be on your knees scrubbing the floor. Using the extensions, one can clean it in a standing position on floors or even ceilings. You can also use the grout-cleaning lance directly on your steam hose to work on walls with more efficiency.

    How to Start with:

    1. Firstly, you need to collect the steam cleaner with the steam hose, the 2 extension tubes, the steam nozzle and a detail nylon or brass brush, depending on the strength of your grout.
    2. Then you need to assemble the parts together and place the detail brush on the steam lance.
    3. Set steam pressure at low or at medium.
    4. Place the lance directly over the grout and move at a steady speed in a forward direction.
    5. Finally, all you have to do is wipe the excess moisture and dirt that release from the grout with either a towel or a mop.

    Your grout cleaning will completely restore the grout. Besides that not only the grouts but also the whole floor and walls at the same time. If you have a right machine, there is no need to wear any mask, gloves or no need to buy any kind of harsh chemicals.

    Steam Cleaners are Good

    With the appropriate machine, you will save much time, money as well as back aches. Steam cleaners are exceptionally good for certain areas that are tough to reach. Like the grout at the base of toilets or in showers, where moisture can possibly cause stain. Entranceways and side doors also tend to need extra grout cleaning.

    The grout around kitchen equipment, where the mop has pushed a collection of dirty, greasy water over the years is another awesome spot to clean with your high-quality steam cleaner. Remember, there are some areas where steam cleaners are not the solution.

    First, if the grouts are sealed, it is not possible for steam to bring the dirt out from under the seal. Second, very old, broken grout, where there are cracks should not be steam cleaned. Grout erosion is generally the result of a chemical reaction from the acidic cleaning agent that used previously. In those cases, the grouts should be replaced.

    Are you facing problem in doing it yourself then you can contact Five Star Carpet & Tile Care the best tile & grout cleaning company in Palm Desert to help you out in tile & grout cleaning services. As they have better techniques and tools to deal with.

    Call us +1 760-774-7961

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    Prevent And Remove Mold From Grout Lines

    How To Prevent And Remove Mold From Grout Lines?

    As everyone is aware of the saying that prevention is better than cure. And indeed, why spend lots of time and efforts cleaning mold from grout, when you can simply prevent it from appearing altogether? All you need to do in order to keep mold under control is to deprive it of the main prerequisite for this growth – moisture. Just keep the tiles dry and you’ll never have to worry about the harmful microorganisms. 

    But how can you decrease moisture from a room that is designed to be wet – such as the bathroom, for instance? It sounds absurd. 

    You can’t, of course, but you can reduce the dampness – there is a huge difference between getting wet and staying permanent wet. 

    Below are some simple, yet highly efficient measures you can take to lower the humidity in your kitchen, bathroom and other wet areas of your house to prevent and remove mold from grout lines:

    1. Keep windows and door open for as long as possible to ensure air flow within the home:
    • Let the bathroom window stay open for at least 15 minutes after you turn the shower off, so that excess moisture can move out of the room rather than condense on the walls and tiles; 
    • Leave the shower door open when the shower is not in use; 
    • Keep the kitchen windows open while cooking to allow the steam to escape; 
    • Ventilate the laundry room, basement, and attic as often as possible. 
    1. Switch on the exhaust fan in the bathroom for at least 20 minutes after showering to draw the moisture out of the room;
    2. Wipe down the shower walls and shower floor after bathing – you can use a squeegee, a hand towel, or a washcloth to do the job (the latter is particularly good at getting to the tile grout and in the corners where mold tends to appear first).
    3. Use shower curtains and liners that are easy to clean, so that you can keep them in ideal condition all the time. Remember to shake the worst of the water off the curtain after taking a shower and to leave it partially drawn so that it can dry faster.
    4. Always Hang your bath towels to dry after you use it – if you don’t hang them and leave it wet in the bathroom, they’ll contribute to the humidity in the room;
    5. Spray the tiles and caulking in your bathroom with a mold-prohibition solution at least once in a week. All you need to do is mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and you will get a natural anti-mold solution that will protect your bathroom against the fungi.
    6. Keep the tiles always clean. The best way to minimize the chance of mold growth in the grout is regular scrubbing and cleaning. Unless frequently cleaned, the tile surface can become coated in fine layer of soap-scum over time. It builds up and creates a porous deposit which helps mold in breeding.
    7. Repair leaky faucets and shower heads to remove the source of excess moisture in your bathroom and kitchen.
    8. Seal the grout. Apply a coat or two of a silicon-based grout sealer to dry grout. It will significantly reduce the speed at which moisture can penetrate the porous grout so that it gets less wet and dries much faster. Besides, the durable antimicrobial technology incorporated in the sealant will provide a good barrier against all kinds of microbes, including mold.
    9. Use mold-resistant paint and grout that contains anti-fungal additives when repainting your kitchen or bathroom and installing new tiles.

    The more you do to prevent mold in grout, the easier it will be to keep your bathroom and kitchen in excellent condition. However, if mold appears in the grout lines despite your efforts, you need to remove it without delay. 

    You can contact Five Star Carpet & Tile Care the best tile & grout cleaning company in Palm Desert to help you out in tile & grout cleaning services. As they have better techniques and tools to deal with.

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    travertine tile floor

    Tips for Taking Care of Travertine Tile Floor

    Travertine is the best and favoured building material since the dawn of civilisation and was also opt by the Romans to construct the Coliseum. Modern business practices have made the production of travertine easier and thriftier, and nowadays it easily available for the flooring options.

    Acid products are very harmful to Travertine

    As we, all know travertine is made from water; it performs great in wet environment, so travertine is ideal for bathroom and wet rooms. The main characteristics of travertine is that it is full of holes. Due to calcium carbonate properties in it, travertine is very sensitive to acid, similar to marbles. It gives travertine the ability to bring up shine, but on the other hand makes it more exposed to staining.

    As soon as any acidic substance comes in contact with travertine it will etch. The reason could be your household cleaner. The more amount of acidic liquid, the faster etching takes place. However, do not worry we have a solution to remove etch marks. Only polishing can help you to remove etch marks.

    Travertine Tile Floor

    Travertine can be ‘filled’ or ‘unfilled’

    1. Unfilled Travertine

    Unfilled travertine creates a wonderful rustic look feel to any environment. Tiles are laid in an aperiodic design and you will find grout-joints are larger than normal, portraying a natural stone look. Due to the holes and large grout-joints, dirt will get settled into it. Unfilled travertine is high-maintenance option and if you want your floor to be in top condition, you need to re-seal it 1-2 times a year.

    Pro maintenance tip: We recommend, take the dust from tiles and epoxy resin and fill the holes. Holes can get bigger in coming time-period if not treated. You can seal it using tropical seal. You might be thinking it will ruin the look of flooring. Did I read your mind? Don’t worry penetrating seal will not alter the appearance of your tile, leaving the natural stone look?

    Topical seal will give glazed finish to your floor but will help prevent dirt getting collected in the grout-lines and holes. Five star carpet & tile care experts recommend topical seal in high traffic areas.

    Travertine Tile Floor

    2. Filled Travertine

    In filled travertine, the holes have been filled at industry. They are made with more variable forms with much thin grout lines. It can be polished up to a high shine and is estimated easier to maintain. Travertine which are filled should only be sealed with penetrating seals which gives you time to clean the spill before it seeps into the stone.

    Best tips on caring for your filled or unfilled Travertine tile floor

    1. Dust daily with a dry mop or vacuum. Mainly on high trafficked areas.
    2. Wet mop with a pH neutral stone cleaner diluted in warm water once a week.
    3. Rinse with a separate mop until all remnants of the soap is removed.
    4. Buff dry with a white cloth

    Test to see if your travertine floor needs to re-seal by pouring a small amount of water on it. If the water disappears this is a good indication the seal has broken down. You can also call the best tile and grout cleaning company in Palm Desert to help you out in tile and grout cleaning services. As they have better techniques and tools to deal with.

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    Tile and grout cleaning services for Palm Desert

    Tile and grout cleaning services for Palm Desert

    We use professional tile cleaning technology to restore floor tiles. Your favorite carpet cleaners, Five Star Carpet & Tile Care now offer professional tile and grout cleaning services to Palm Desert homes and businesses. This professional service includes tile and grout cleaning and carried by trained tile cleaners. Palm Desert residents have long recognized the quality of Five Star Carpet & Tile Care’s work in cleaning services and can now appoint us for superior service to restore floor tiles in your home, office or other commercial location.

    What to Expect From Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Services?

    The grout between tiles can create a perfect breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria and diseases, mostly in wet areas. Dirt and grime builds up over time and is significantly harder to remove if left longer. We make use of the latest technologies in tile and grout cleaning and carefully select cleaners to remove stains, bacterial build-up and other unwanted residues from your tiled surfaces. Our professional tile and grout cleaning service covers all types of tile and grout you have.

    Tile and grout cleaning services for Palm Desert

    Our powerful professional systems for tile and grout cleaning achieves a deep down clean, with use of the latest high pressure steam cleaning and extraction machines and specialty cleaners to remove grime, dirt and bacteria from your tile & grout that sits between your tiles. Five Star Carpet & Tile Care restores the shine to your tiles making them look like brand new helping your home become a cleaner and healthier place.

    We are Not Just Carpet Cleaners

    Five Star Carpet & Tile Care have built a solid reputation for Palm Desert’s best carpet cleaning service, but we offer so much more than just steam cleaning to our residential and business customers. Our cleaners will bring the sparkle and freshness back to your home in no time. Rest assured all of our team members are skilled experts.

    We guarantee the work we do; no matter how big or small is your property. All staff of Five Star Carpet & Tile Care go through intensive training sessions and master all techniques, including steam cleaning of tiles. Besides their superior training, our cleaners receive background checking. They are also regularly checked by our quality control supervisors and are fully insured.

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    FREE ADVICE: Common Areas In Your Home That Have Tile Which Requires Tile Cleaning

    Common areas in your home that have tile which requires tile cleaning:-
    • Bathroom floors
    • Showers and tubs
    • Kitchen floors
    • Foyers
    • Entryways
    • Hallways
    • Sunrooms
    • Countertops
    • Backsplashes
     stone cleaning palm springs
    Do-it-yourself isn’t always best
    Put away that toothbrush and bottle of grout cleaner. Our tile and grout experts can clean your tile and grout more thoroughly and with less hassle. Retail grout cleaners only clean the surface of the grout, but a stronger cleaning method is the only way to truly deep clean porous grout. We use specialized, high-powered equipment and products that remove and extract soil from deep within grout, be sure to Call Five Star Carpet and Tile Clean.
    (760) 774-7961, call now and get FREE ADVISE
    Update your flooring by refreshing your grout without a re-colorant system.
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