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    Learn How To Get Pet Odor Out of The House

    You probably landed here in search of how to get pet odor out of the house? Well, dealing with pet odor is just part of the gig for pet owners.

    Although you are in love with your pet, probably aren’t crazy about the way they make your home smell. Having pets doesn’t mean you need to live with their smells! While it is challenging to eliminate dog-related odors, it is possible to do but it will need a bit of effort and strategic smelly thinking.

    Here are 5 simple ways that can solve your question “How to get pet odor out of the house”

    Sweep and Mop All of Your Home’s Hard Floors

    The first thing you need to do is to remove all the (Mess) loose debris your pet create. This not only includes the hair and the dirt they track inside but their dander too. As hair, dander and dust particles are light, you need to do it carefully when trying to deal with them.

    Sweep and Mop

    Make sure you sweep gently so you don’t end up kicking these things up into the air, where they’ll spread to other areas of your house. Instead, try to sweep carefully, and ferry them to the trash can with a dustpan as frequently as possible.

    Once you are done with sweeping everything, go back and mop all the hard surfaces to eliminate any of the dust and debris you missed while sweeping. If you don’t want to break out the mop bucket, at least give the floor a nice cleaning using a cleaning solution.

    Get an Odor-Resistant Bed for Your Pet

    Your pet’s bed is one of those places which smell lurk. Buying a bed that has anti-microbial properties and resists orders is a step towards hygiene and cleanliness in the home. These beds are easy-to-clean, machine washable covers and can be used with odor trappers to keep the scent in the pouch and out of the air in your home.

    Odor-Resistant Bed for Your Pet

    Get an Air Purifier For Your Home

    Air purifiers are an ideal way to cut down on allergies and odors in the air keeping your house fresh. Make sure you buy a HEPA-type filter because they trap up to 99% of airborne particles and you can use it with or without the air fresheners.

    Odor-Resistant Bed for Your Pet

    Get a Blacklight (Ultra Violet Lights) and Get on To Your Forensic Analysis.

    Even after cleaning all the problematic areas you were able to find, but still, the odor continues to persist, you may need a high-tech solution. Saliva, urine, and other body fluids will glow when they are exposed to UV light, so you can use one to help you to find trouble areas which have previously eluded your attention.

    Blacklight (Ultra Violet Lights)

    You need to turn off all the lights inside your home before scanning with the UV lights. Make sure you scan your furniture and the lower portions of your walls too, to ensure you locate all of the problematic spots.

    UV lights will also show you a variety of things besides the body fluids, such as spilled drinks and the residue left behind by cleaning products. However, most of these things glow bright white, while urine and saliva tend to glow pale yellow to green.

    One Day in a Week Only For Pet Accessories Care

    Choose a day and wash all the pet-related items and give a proper bathe to pet as well. Gather up all those toys, beds, blankets, clothes, eating bowl, harness, etc. and wash them properly. This is a great day to rotate toys outs – keeping the toys clean cuts downs the smells in the storage area and prevent molds, mildews, etc. from growing.

    Blacklight (Ultra Violet Lights)

    These are the basic methods that can help you with “How to get pet odor out of the house”. Trying these basic methods will definitely make your home free from pet odor and stains.

    If you are looking for pet odor removal services in Palm Desert, call us today at 760-774-7961. Five Star Carpet & Tile Care has more than 19 years of experience in the cleaning industry. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter for more updates.

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    pet odor removal

    Tips & Tricks For Pet Odor Removal, Bermuda Dunes, CA

    Never Take Pet Odor Removal Services For Granted, It can be risky for your health and for your loved ones.

    Adopting a pet is a great job, but training them can be a tough job. The carpets in the home may have to face lots of things before the dog or a cat learns the right indoor behavior. It is not only about small puppies or kittens, but the accident can also be possible indoors when the pet is too old. Pets can leave strong odors and pet hairs in carpet making it a difficult job, especially when accidents are happening regularly.

    To reduce carpet damage and increase the success of your pet odor removal efforts, vacuum regularly and try to deal with the soiled area as soon as you find evidence of an accident.

    Quick Response is The First Step Towards Carpet Mitigation

    Taking quick steps to deal with pet accidents will lessen long-term effects like lingering odor or carpet stains. Furthermore, pets tend to have future accidents in areas where they smell pet odors. This is because of the liquid for eg. pet urine, it can seep deep into the carpet padding. In this situation you need to blot up as much of the accident as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) suggests starting from the outer area of the stain using a bristle brush and a paper towel. Make sure you blot rather than scrubbing with paper towels to avoid pieces tearing and sticking in the carpet. If still the odor stays you need to call a pet odor removal professional.

    Masking The Odor Or Eliminating It?

    Scented candles, air fresheners, and household cleaning solutions can only provide temporary pet odor masking solution. Sadly, with these methods, the masking scent finally wears off and the animal will be drawn back to the accident site. To eliminate them completely, you need to use the solutions specially made for them or the best thing you can do is call the professionals. They have years of experience with the best tools, equipment, and solutions. So it is better to have professional pet odor removal services and eliminate it from the roots rather than just masking it using temporary remedies.

    Five Star Professionals Have Expertise at Pet Odor Removal Services

    Our professionals can eliminate cat and dog urine odors from deep within your carpet, backing, padding, and sub-floor. Our team firstly saturate the contaminated area using our chemicals that are effective and specially made for decontamination and deodorizing. Five Star Carpet & Tile Care uses truck-mounted systems to eliminate pet odor issues. It is considered as the most effective pet odor remediation treatment available today.

    If you are searching for professionals providing pet odor removal in Bermuda Dunes call us. Five Star Carpet and Tile Care are providing Pet odor removal services since 2001. Our certified cleaners guarantee 100% quality services, hire us and make your carpet and home odor free. 

    For regular updates you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, Instagram.

    Call us at  +1 760-774-7961.

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    Pet Odor Neutralizer Services

    Pet Odor Neutralizer Services by Five Star Carpet & Tile Care

    Five Star Carpet & Tile Care professionals are great at eliminating the source of a pet odor by using the best pet odor neutralizer, rather than using room fresheners and masking it. Let’s face it, no one wants their home to smell like a “wet dog” or a little box. The reality is that even the most well-trained pets can have accidents such as urine, excretions or vomit that may result in unwanted odors. Professional carpet cleaning and furniture cleaning can remove odors associated with pet hair, oily coats and some of the odor correlated with excrement. It has been proven that the number 1 pet odor problem is urine. It is important to know that urine odor is not simply removed by just carpet cleaning.

    Carpet cleaning alone may actually increase the odor for a while. How can that be?

    The odor associated with urine comes from two sources. The first source is from bacteria and the second is from the salts left behind after the urine dries. When deposited, warm urine is acidic and through this bacteria get the perfect surrounding as a breeding area. As bacteria multiply, an unpleasant odor is often created. Therefore it is much easier to remove the urine and its associated odor when it is fresh.

    It is also vital to note that when urine begins to oxidize, it may discolor your carpet and the fiber will get ruined. This color change in the carpet is usually permanent unless the urine is promptly removed.

    So, what would be the beneficiary in this situation?

    A small spot removal or wet vacuum machine would be ideal for immediate clean-up of urine and for many other reasons. They are usually great at removing the urine before bacteria growth, odor form and color change of the carpet fibers occur. If it is ignored and not cleaned immediately urine will dry and the odor will become noticeable during high humidity and/or when the carpet is cleaned. Five Star Carpet and Tile Repair use the best products containing no harmful enzymes, bacteria or desensitizers to eliminate odors. Our odor removal system is a combination of counteraction, bonding, and absorption. This technology permanently eliminates odors upon contact resulting in a fresh, odor-free environment.

    It is vital to be aware that applying perfumed powders and local pet odor neutralizer on the carpet can actually create more issues. The powder tends to seize the odor which is then further dispersed through the perfume. We do not advise the use of such products, please call us for advice. We can advise you about the best and natural pet odor neutralizer which will not be harmful to you and your family members.

    If you are looking for the best pet odor removal service, we provide regular pet odor removal as well as green cleaning. The choice is yours. Call us today to grab the best offers.

    You can also fill up our online inquiry form, we will get back to you soon.

    Call us @ +1 760-774-7961

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    Pet Odor Removal by Five Star Carpet And Tile Care

    Pet Odor Removal by Five Star Carpet And Tile Care

    Pet odor and stains is a very common problem for the pet owners. Pet urine easily soak through the backing of the carpet into the padding underneath. In more crucial cases the urine can seep deep into the carpet fibers and even on the subfloor beneath the padding. To solve this issue, the urine must be eliminated or neutralized from each of the carpet layers affected. If in case the contamination is limited to only the face yarn of the carpet then the cleaning itself may effectively remove the odor. Further, if you are thinking to hire professionals then you will get the best pet odor removal by Five Star Carpet and Tile Care.

    The urine provides bacteria growth in the surroundings. This turns into the contribution of making the odor problem more worse. Further, it also may create a permanent color loss of the carpet fiber. 

    In crucial cases, replacement of the carpet padding, treatment of the beneath of the carpet and the subfloor is a must. Even replacement of the carpet, however, cannot guarantee complete removal of the pet odor. 

    Therefore, you need professionals for deep pet odor removal like Five Star Carpet And Tile Care. 

    How we treat pet stains and odors 

    To remove pet odor, Five Star Carpet And Tile Care offer best Pet Odor Removal Services. Our process consists of flooding the urine spot using enzymes and odor treatment solution. We then rinse off and extract all the detergent and urine away using an extraction tool.  

    We also look for pet stains using powerful UV flashlight. Using UV lights, we can easily spot the hidden stains, even in small areas. This makes our work easier and provides you with quality services. 

    After we are done with the cleaning and stills the odor refuse to leave. Then an ozone machine may do the trick. Cost-effective and safe, ozone generator disinfects and deodorize without the need for irritating chemicals. Unlike stable oxygen molecules containing 2 oxygen atoms, ozone is composed of 3 atoms.  

    Ozone machines are available in the market, you can purchase it or you can get it on rent. Further, the best option is you can pay a service to tackle the task for you. Ozone treatment takes anywhere from 1-12 hours depending on the size of the area. Many opt for a service, as the ozone machine is not operable when your home is occupied by people, plants or animals.  

    We also use fans and ventilation equipment if necessary to assist the ozone treatment, ensuring the cracks and crevice is reached and the building is properly aired out to reduce exposure to ozone, boosting its conversion back to oxygen.

    Call us at +1 760-774-7961 to book your appointment. We provide pet odor removal service in Cathedral City, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Indio, Rancho Cucamonga, Bermuda Dunes and nearby areas. Contact Five Star Carpet And Tile Care today and get the best cleaning offers.

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    How to Get Rid of Pet Odor And Stains Using Natural Ingredients

    How to Get Rid of Pet Odor And Stains Using Natural Ingredients

    When training a new furry friend or dealing with an incontinent older dog, you may have to frequently clean up the dog’s accidents. Dogs urine not only leaves stains and spots but also leaves an uncomfortable odor behind. To remove such stains and spots, it is not compulsory to use harsh chemical cleaners. Instead, you can use natural and environmental products to clean your dog’s mess and keep your house smelling fresh. 

    Use Oxygen Bleach 

    You might be thinking how it can be done? Yes, you can use oxygen bleach to clean and disinfect both fabric and solid surface. Add 4 oz. of oxygen bleach powder with 1-gallon warm water and apply this solution to clean the carpet and upholstery urine stains.  

    You can directly wipe down the spots of urine on the solid surface like walls and floorings using the oxygen bleach solution. To deal with tough stains, add 1 tablespoon of oxygen bleach with 8 oz. warm water and work it into the stains on upholstery and carpeting using a scrub brush.  

    First of all, saturate the area well with the oxygen bleach mixture to deal with the carpet padding. Add 3 tablespoon of oxygen bleach to your laundry for washable items your dog urinates on. This will eliminate the odor-causing bacteria in stains. 

    Use Grapefruit Seed Extract 

    You can also use grapefruit seed extracts. It is a nontoxic and biodegradable cleaner, to clean and freshen the dog urine smell and stains. Mix 10-15 drops of grapefruit seed extract with 1 gallon of water and then apply on the solid surface and wash to remove dog urine stain, smell and to kill other lethal bacteria.  

    This solution is also good for carpet and upholstery, you can use it to clean by dousing the area of the urine with it and allowing it to dry naturally. This cleaner leaves nothing behind and doesn’t need any rinsing.  For difficult stain saturate the area again and let it dry naturally. 

    Thing for consideration 

    Everyone must be aware of the fact that natural products have no drawbacks. So, you can use them in your home. There is no harm to your pets or infants in your home. You can also use other natural ingredients such as baking soda to deodorize the urine stains and help remove them.  

    You can also use tea tree oil. After spraying the stain with the tea tree oil solution, sprinkle some baking soda on the affected area of the carpet or upholstery. Leave it to dry and then vacuum away the baking soda to freshen and clean the fabrics. This will help your home to smell with natural fragrance. 

    Want your home to smell always good? Then you can contact Five Star Carpet & Tile Care the best pet odor removal company in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Indio, Bermuda Dunes, Rancho Cucamonga and nearby areas. As we have better techniques and tools to deal with. 

    Call us +1 760-774-7961 

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    get rid of Dog Hair and Pet Odor

    How to get rid of Dog Hair and Pet Odor?

    It is undeniable that puppies are adorable. We are a nation of people who love to cuddle with our pets. Their paws are too big for their bodies, making them trip and tumble as they run to greet you. In addition, they are always overjoyed when you get home. Although you may love your pets like a member of the family, you probably are not crazy about the way he makes your home an absolute mess of dog hair, dog odor and pet urine.

    While it can be challenging to eliminate dog-related cleaning and can be stressful. However, when you plan to adopt or buy a puppy, you know that there are chances for your carpets, floors, furniture and even clothes are covered in dog hair.

    Look at the following tips to help you to get rid of Dog Hair and Pet Odor


    Having a pet means dealing with dog hair on the carpeting, the furniture and your clothes. The first step to living fuzz-free with a pet dog is investing in a lint roller. Additionally, regular visits to the dog groomer or daily brushing can help keep pet hair at bay when your pup is shedding more.

    However, to keep dog hair in check on a long-term basis, you will need to roll up your sleeves and do some regular vacuuming. You may also want to consider buying a pet sponge—a dry sponge that is helpful in removing pet hair from places the vacuum will not reach.

    get rid of Dog Hair and Pet Odor


    When your pet has an accident on the carpet or floor, it is crucial to clean the pet urine as soon as you can. The smelling sense of pets are great. It will be able to tell where it had done the incident and will return to the scene of the crime repeatedly.

    To prevent this unfortunate chain of events, you need to use floor or carpet cleaners called “bacteria/enzyme digesters.” You can find these online and at most pet stores.


    To maximize the benefits of floor and carpet cleaners, you need to take the proper steps in cleaning up puppy messes:

    • Blot up pet urine with absorbent materials like paper towels or coffee filters. Repeat until no more liquid shows up on the towel or filter.
    • Read the directions on your bacteria/enzyme cleaner, and apply to the stained area in order to effectively remove both the mess and pet odor.
    • Press plastic firmly over the affected area. Keep applying pressure so floor and carpet cleaners really get in there.
    • Leave the plastic on the stained spot for the instructed amount of time.

    If your pet dog hits the same spot often, you will want to neutralize the pet odor. Mix one cup of vinegar with a gallon of warm water and apply to the stained patch of floor or carpet. Afterwards, apply another round of bacteria/enzyme carpet cleaner.


    Whether you stay at home with the kids or work in an office, you lead a busy life. Moreover, as much as you love your pet dog, you may find you just do not have the time to clean up after it and maintain regular housekeeping. Naturally, you do not want your house to stink of dog odor.

    Hiring professional cleaning services is an only option if this situation is alike yours. Five Star Carpet & Tile Care have the ability to eradicate dog and cat urine odors from deep within your carpet, backing, padding, and sub-floor. We provide cleaning services in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Indio and nearby areas.

    Call us 760-774-7961

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    pet odor removal quinta

    Pet odor removal is vital because your pet is a couch potato

    Many love to have pets at home, and they great to have because they are adorable. There are many reasons to have a pet at home. They protect your home eg. Dogs, pets play an important role of a best friend in one’s life. It has been proved that pets work as stress buster which very helpful who stay alone. However, sometimes they smell and leave that bad smell on your favorite couch. Might be possible your favorite couch can be favorite of your pets too!. No matters how much precautions you take, they leave odors in the home. Air fresheners and carpet fresheners are temporary solutions they vanish away after few hours.

    If you are a pet owner, it might be possible that they have a habit of sitting on the couch. Then its ok, they also love to sit on the surface which is cozy and comfortable. But doing this will leave some disgusting smell. You can also take care of your pets like giving bathe every day. If your pet is a couch potato, then it will smell at some level. Let’s learn something about pet odor removal.

    Never be laid back when it comes to pet odor:

    Don’t be too lazy that you start avoiding the pet odor in your furniture. It is possible you are unaware of the smell but the guest who visits your home can easily smell the pet odor very easily, so don’t wait for someone to tell you because it leaves a bad impression. I would suggest approaching a professional cleaner because these odors get in the furniture and then it becomes difficult to remove them. Professionals can deal with this easily because they have advanced equipment to clean the carpets and upholstery.

    Learn home hack tips:

    Using a deodorizer in the room can cover up odor for few hours but what about rest? It is helpful for few hours but after few hours the fragrance vanishes because of the gas in it. If you have been to any home which has pets, you might be aware of the smell? It stinks very badly, the reality is pet odor don’t only accumulate on the furniture the pet lays on all the time. If you use the same carpet cleaning brush to clean curtains and beddings then they will start smelling too. And in end, you have to contact a carpet and upholstery cleaning service to clean your entire home.

    Pet Odors Are Difficult To Remove On Your Own

    Many pet owners think buys tools for pet hair removal will do to keep their home neat and fresh. But what about the dry urine or urine stain on the couch? The odor will be there forever until you take initiative and clean it properly and thoroughly. Professionals can easily manage these type of stains as they are trained and experienced in these field and can make your room and furniture fresh and healthy.

    Five-star carpet deals with removing pet odor in Cathedral City every day. Our cleaner is specially trained with high-quality products and equipment. We use effective procedures without damaging the carpets. If your pet is also a couch potato then call us to help you out.

    To know more about the services click here.

    Get your free quote know  760-774-7961

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