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    Green Carpet Cleaning

    Green Carpet Cleaning Can Offer You healthier Lifestyle

    If you love and want to keep your environment safe and healthier, shifting to a green carpet cleaning is an excellent place to start.

    There are very less carpet cleaning companies who avoid using chemical based cleaners. Green carpet cleaning products can actually be pretty hard to find. But Five Star Carpet and Tile Care has years of experience in green carpet cleaning and use the safest method to keep the hygiene bar at the top of the chart.

    Majority of green products advertise they are green and don’t use harmful ingredients. They also list all ingredients on the label so you’ll know what is in them, unlike some other products.

    Every year at some point in time, the majority of people plan to take some important steps to make their life better. Usual goals on the list include

    • Making more time for family members
    •  To be kind to the environment
    •  Eliminating bad habits
    •  Plan to live a better life
    •  And even keeping the home clean and tidy

    Do you know there is one goal which will cover all these and that is switching to green products?

    Regular cleaners are made up of harsh chemicals that can not only affect your health, but they also affect your surroundings. Many scientific studies and researches reveal that chemical-based cleaning products can have long-term effects on health.

    Green cleaning goes beyond just using eco-friendly products. It is also about living healthy, cleaning efficiently and reducing waste. Here we have shared some merits of green cleaning.

    A clean and healthier environment:

    Apparently one of the biggest benefits of green cleaning is that it is safe for your health as compared to the other chemical based products. Many common cleaners contain harmful chemicals that can lead to allergic reactions, reproductive abnormalities, respiratory problems, behavioral problems and even contributes to cancer. If you use a regular cleaning spray once a week raises the chance of developing asthma. If you go green, no longer will no chemicals breathed in or absorbed into the skin. The most dangerous regular cleaning products are acidic toilet cleaners, oven cleaners, and corrosive drain cleaners.

    You will get more knowledgeable:

    Most of the state laws don’t require any components to be listed on any cleaning item. So, the issue is you will never know what type of product you are using and what impact they are having on your family’s health. When it comes to green cleaning products you are assured knowing that they are not harmful and there is no threat to you and your family’s health.

    Be Clear with your expectations:

    Each cleaning company is different with regards to its term, service conditions and pricing. It may be possible that the service you have requested may not be completed in a way that you want. Don’t be afraid to clear your expectations. If you have any special instructions call the company and let them know so they will direct their team accordingly. House cleaners can’t read minds so it’s better to communicate with them.

    Cost effective:

    Purchasing traditional cleaning solutions can be more expensive and if you add medical cost then the price will go almost doubled. Whereas, green cleaning will cost you less but provide you more advantages that you will appreciate in the long run.

    If you are looking for green carpet cleaning in Cathedral city, then you can totally rely on Five Star Carpet and Tile Care. We have years of experience and we can assure you that no one can match up with our cleaning methods and results.

    Call us at +1 760-774-7961 or you can fill up our online inquiry form, our support staff will get back to you.

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    Reasons for having Green Cleaning by evergreen carpet and tile care

    Reasons for having Green Cleaning

    Nowadays people’s life has become reserved, over-scheduled and stressful, it is very common and easy to inclining towards the latest products in the supermarket. That promise to make annoying chores even easier. Do you need a bathroom cleaner? On the visit to the supermarket, you always buy bottles that are promising a quick clean for you. But did you ever think, what it contains? Whether you’re a housekeeper who cleans with these products all day or someone who cleans the house on daily basis. Then it is vital to consider, and with the help of this blog, you are able to know the major reasons for having green cleaning.

    Most are made up with harsh cocktails of chemicals, which can be bad for your health — and your kid’s health. As people rethink what they’re bringing into their homes, they’re looking for green solutions.

    Most of the cleaning chemicals are made up of nasty chemicals, which are injurious to you and your kid’s health and even your furry friend. As people give a thought about the things they are bringing in a home and looking for a green solution.

    Here are some important reasons for having green cleaning.

    Healthy House Surroundings

    Our experts say; if you opt to go with green, there will be no chance of chemicals inhaled by the inhabitant of the house. Health benefits increase for the family members who are no longer breathing in cleaners lingering in the air and sitting on surfaces.

    Results have proved that using a household cleaning spray, even as little as once a week, increases the risk of developing asthma. Our expert says that the use of green cleaning products can reduce the chance of asthma or any other respiratory issue. Well, asthma and respiratory illness is the most common chronic illness.

    Safe Cleaning Products

    Ordinary cleaning products develop risks such as chemicals burns to cleaner’s skins and eyes. Green cleaners aren’t caustic and meet strict standards regarding inhalation toxicity, combustibility and skin absorption.

    Better Air Quality

    Many green cleaning products include superstore bought and ones you can make at home, they include pleasant natural essential oils. Having a pleasant smell in the house make the atmosphere tranquil with a beautiful aroma.

    Less Expensive

    Vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice can do great work with few dollars in home cleaning as compared to buying conventional cleaning products. Our expert’s advice is a way to go out and purchase products when you can use the things that are already available in your pantry?

    Investing in green products also make sense for companies. “The cost of environmentally friendly cleaning products has become much more competitive while cleaning in an environmentally friendly way reduces the risk of sick days for employees and the risk of fires and chemical spills.

    These are a few tips you should consider for effective green cleaning. If you are looking for professional Green Cleaning in Cathedral City and nearby areas. Call Five Star Carpet and Tile Care on +1 760-774-7961 to make your bookings. Once you are done with the bookings you just need to sit back and relax. We provide Green Cleaning in Cathedral City and nearby areas. We are working since 1999, it is almost 18 years in the industry. So, you don’t need to worry about the outcomes, as we have the most experienced green cleaners in Cathedral City.

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    Benefits of Using Green Cleaning Products for Cleaning Your Home

    Benefits of Using Green Cleaning Products for Cleaning Your Home

    The smart way of maintaining a healthy place to live and work is by using green cleaning products. Green cleaning products can bring numerous benefits to homes and the environment as well. It has become a well-liked trend throughout the cleaning industry.

    Green cleaning can provide uncountable long-term benefits to your home, family, and health. The fact that using green products during cleaning not only helps your home be cleaner naturally but assisting businesses in the commercial cleaning industry to use these products makes our world more ecological.

    As lives become hectic, over-scheduled and more stressful, it is easy to attract towards the latest products that promise to make annoying tasks even easier. When you need any cleaning product for your home, you directly run to a nearby store and buy an attractive colorful bottle. This bottle contains strong chemicals.

    Strong chemicals can leave abrasive deposits behind posing a threat to the health for you and your families, but also the surrounding environment. As people rethink what they are bringing into their homes, they are looking for green cleaning products.

    Here are the benefits of using green cleaning products for cleaning your home:

    Better Air Quality

    Green cleaning products replace toxic chemicals that you had used in the past. These harmful chemicals can remain in the local environment for some time after use. Besides that, it is not great for you and the people around you to breathe in.

    Shifting to green cleaning products helps to reduce pollution in the air and it minimizes your impact on ozone depletion and global climate change. Many green products also use recyclable packaging, which minimizes waste.

    Healthy Home

    By using green cleaning products, there will be no chemicals absorption into the skin or inhale in by the person cleaning. Health benefits extend to family members who are no longer breathing in cleaners lingering in the air and sitting on surfaces.

    Safe Products

    Conventional cleaning products pose risks such as chemical burns to the cleaner’s skin and eyes. Green cleaning products are not corrosive and meet strict standards regarding inhalation toxicity and skin penetration.

    Biodegradable and Recyclable

    Green cleaning products are biodegradable and are available in recyclable containers. They are also better for the environment preventing serious damage from occurring.

    Less Expensive (Cost Effective)

    For home cleaning, vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, etc. can do the trick for pennies on the dollar, compared to buying conventional cleaning products. Why go out and buy products when you can use things you already have in your kitchen?

    Investing in green cleaning products also makes sense for companies. The cost of environmentally friendly cleaning products has become much more competitive while cleaning in an environmentally sound way reduces the risk of sick days for employees and the risk of fires and chemical spills.

    Are you in search of a cleaning company, who provides green cleaning services using green cleaning products, then contact Five Star Carpet and Tile Care. They provide cleaning services in Palm DesertPalm SpringsLa QuintaIndioBermuda DunesRancho Cucamonga and nearby locations.

    Call now +1 760-774-7961 and get the benefit of health with green cleaning products.

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    Green Cleaning over Traditional Cleaning

    Why should you choose Green Cleaning over Traditional Cleaning?


    Many people hire a carpet cleaner and upholstery cleaner based totally on price. That is not right. Cutting corners on materials, equipment, and techniques means the lowest-priced vendors cannot compete green carpet cleaning services.

    Many professional carpet cleaners use normal detergent and soap to complete their task. These carpet-cleaning agents are usually get at affordable rates if they buy in bulk. This saving does not give better outcomes. Using low quality soap and cleaning detergent can make incidental effects that you may not have realized.

    Cheap and low quality cleaning detergent will not only harm your carpet, but could harm you and your family members as well as the environment. Here are some reasons why should you choose Green cleaning over traditional cleaning for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.


    Most of the detergents and soaps used by traditional carpet cleaners are not organic. They are a combination of complex and harsh chemicals, which pulverize and dissolve the dirt from your carpet. This will successfully remove the dirt from the carpet but they will surely have wide range of other effects. Green carpet cleaning consist of organic solvents that do not contains harsh chemicals.


    You can get your carpet cleaned from the harsh chemicals used by the traditional carpet cleaning service. However, the solvents used are not easy to remove from carpet. Even if you rinse or vacuum multiple times, the residue from the harsh chemicals will remain in the carpet fibers. This the fact with traditional, over-the-counter carpet cleaners. Sometimes, you can feel the crunch on your feet due to the residue after the carpet dries.

    The residue from carpet cleaners can actually help attract dirt and oil to your carpet. This can make your carpet get dirty again even faster than before. This has high possibility in high traffic areas. Sometimes, telltale dark spots will appear in places where residue has gathered in an area where people walk frequently. It can also make mud, food, or pet stain removal more difficult.


    Those harsh chemicals will not only damage your carpet, they can also affect your health. The residue, which has been left behind from traditional carpet cleaning still, contains traces of harsh chemicals. When you and your family members come in contact with the chemicals it can cause you skin irritation. These residue particles get mixed up in the air and can travel place to place inside your house. The family members and the pets inhale these airs, which could be injurious to health. This can cause dizziness, headache or any other respiratory problems. These is especially for those who have allergy problem. The strong chemical residue can use an allergic reaction in both the skin and lungs for people with sensitives.


    Carpet cleaners pump most of the water used to clean the carpet back into their tanks. This water is the mixture of both the chemicals used and the dirt collected. However, what exactly happens with all that water afterward?

    Unbelievably, the law states that carpet cleaners need to properly treat and dispose of this water. Carpet cleaner must use more chemicals to neutralize those they used to clean your carpet. Many will properly transport and neutralize the chemical so they do not cause harm to environment. Still, some corner cutting company opt to dump the water wherever they can without treatment. If not disposed properly, these chemicals may end up polluting the soil and groundwater.

    Related Post: Best Carpet Cleaning Methods by Five Star Carpet and Tile Care

    You can contact Five Star Carpet & Tile Care the best carpet cleaning company in Palm Desert to help you out in carpet cleaning services. As they have better techniques and tools to deal with.

    Call us +1 760-774-7961 to get free quote

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    Green cleaning

    What is Green Cleaning and its benefits?

    What does green cleaning means?

    Green cleaning means by using cleaning methods and products with naturally friendly ingredients and processes, which designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. Briefly, green cleaning means cleaning in a way that is not just safe for people and safe for the environment, but that is also maintainable in the long term.

    Maintain Green Cleaning for long time

    It sounds difficult, but the idea is very simple. The meaning of it is just that cleaning in a way that we could keep on doing, day after day after day — and in actual, without draining the globe’s resources to the point that upcoming generations could not do the same. Moreover, in developed countries like US, in reality we have lifestyles that may require resources of several other planets to maintain them, by using today’s methods and technology. . Therefore, we need to find ways of doing the cleaning using less resources, which means using less materials, less chemicals, less energy and less water for each job.

    Green Cleaning Benefits:


    • Green cleaning benefits the environment by using non-toxic, biodegradable chemicals.
    • Reducing excess chemical usage through proper cleaning techniques.
    • Use of recycled paper products.


    • A Green cleaning program reduces coverage to toxic chemicals.
    • Reduces asthma attacks by effectively keeping out dust and chemical allergens.
    • Improves overall indoor air quality by reducing airborne dust and chemical gases.
    • Controls the spread of germs and disease by focusing on problem areas and properly applying disinfectants.


    • Green cleaning services include regular and improved maintenance of powered cleaning equipment.
    • Effectively reduces exposure to toxic and dangerous chemicals by implementing green products.
    • Utilizes automatic dilution dispensers for safer handling and efficient use of chemicals.
    • Proper and environmental friendly storage of chemicals.

    Manufacturers of cleaning products have a legal responsibility only to supply products that used safely and to provide use instructions and labelling where necessary to guide safe use. Products are risk evaluated to ensure there will be no harm to people or the environment when they are properly used. Therefore, whichever product you choose, cleaning safely is really just a question of doing what it says on the pack.

    Go Green with Five Star Carpet And Tile Care!

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