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    Sometimes having professional carpet cleaning is quite expensive; so in this situation, we all wait for the best carpet cleaning offers by carpet cleaning companies. Hence, no matter how deep your carpet gets stained professional carpet cleaning will clean it and make it look new.

    Carpet Cleaning offersEspecially, Five Star Carpet and Tile Care have all the solutions with 100% guaranteed result for carpet cleaning. Besides that, we have some exciting Carpet Cleaning offers for you which make you happy when you contact us for an appointment.

    We all are well aware of the fact that how important it is to maintain the look of your house clean and beautiful. Also, carpets are performing a major role in your house cleaning.

    Carpets can be a floor cover which can make you feel warm but also can be a hotbed for the bacterias and dirt which are enough to harm you and your family members health.

    Well-trained Experts

    Our friendly and well-trained experts are always worried about your health. Therefore, they always use eco-friendly cleaning products to provide you with a deep carpet cleaning.  

    Hence, we take our customer’s satisfaction on priority, therefore, we work hard to achieve it. In fact, carpets are not that hard to maintain. All you need to do is call the experts for deep cleaning your carpet once a year.

    You might have experienced bad carpet cleaning result hence random carpet cleaners have a habit of disappointing you when you need them most. So, be smart while choosing a professional carpet cleaning company and select carpet cleaners like Five Star Carpet and Tile Care. They give the best treatment to your carpet and make it as new as it was before.

    So, carpet care and protection is a very vital component to make your carpet fiber free from any germs and bacterias. This is the service for which you can rely on Five Star Carpet and Tile Care. So don’t waste your time to find out the way of cleaning your carpets just contact us at 760-774-7961 to have our exciting Carpet Cleaning Offers.

    Carpet Cleaning Offers

    When choosing Five Star Carpet & Tile Care we honor our Flat Rate Truck Mounted Steam Carpet Cleaning Special with Carpet Protectant (scotch-guard) of just $120 for 3 rooms, up to 200 SQ.FT. PER AREA
    • This includes Pre-Treatment For Filtration, Spots, and Stains with a Green Cleaning Chemical made to be eco-friendly and cleaner than standard competitors.
    • Rinse Carpets, using our steam cleaning method with a fiber rinse that sanitizes with softeners and other surfactants that leave the carpets cleaner, brighter, colorful and softer.
    • Fiber protector as the last step to protect your carpets.
    • Drying fans for quicker dry times “dry times are 2 to 4 hours.
    NOTE: Some stains take a different treatment and need special stain removal chemicals even though these products have good results no stain is guaranteed.