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    Enhance Your Property Value By Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning in Home 

    Carpet is one of the most popular flooring options as it provides a warm and cozy feel at your feet. In fact, carpet contributes a lot in enhancing the appeal of the room. Replacement of carpet is an expensive investment, so it vital to have regular carpet cleaning in home. If regular cleaning is done in a proper way your carpet can last for years.

    When we talk about dirty carpets, the mold is one of the major cause of sickness in the home, and directly results in issues like muscle and joint pain, headaches and visual disturbances, fatigue, and other immune system problems, and many more.

    Carpet Cleaning in Home Cathedral City

    There are various sources through mold comes can occur in like leaking pipes under sinks and appliances, roof leaks, and leak through windows and doors. The best place for mold to grow and hide is in and under your carpets. And to make the case worse, all it takes is one bad experience with an inexperienced, low-priced carpet cleaner, which ends up adding a high level of mold in your home because of using too much water on the carpet or using equipment that is not powerful enough to extract the moisture.

    Our Quality Cleaning Can Make Your Abode Germ Free!

    Five Star Carpet & Tile Care has industry-leading experience, high grade, and pro-equipment, as well as extensive training to deliver the top level of service in carpet cleaning. When performing carpet cleaning in the home, we will pre-treat the areas with tough stains. We have special solutions used when our professionals are performing carpet cleaning in home.

    If you are looking for professionals providing quality carpet cleaning in home across Indio,CA. We assure you will not regret your decision. Call us today @760-774-7961 for bookings and free quotes.