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    What To Use And What Not To Use On Granite – Stone Cleaning

    Granite - Stone Cleaning

    If you have never installed granite countertops in your kitchen before, then you might be used to clean your counter tops with simple cleaners or maybe you prefer to use natural products such as vinegar and baking soda. Regardless of what you are used to using, when it comes to granite – stone cleaning, not every product is safe to use on your stone.

    Mainly granite and other similar natural stones are very susceptible to damage that can be damaged by cleaning products that you use normally in your homes right now. Let us teach you what not to use and what to use for granite – stone cleaning to avoid the damages.

    3 Product you Should Never Use on Granite

    Anything that is not PH neutral is going to damage your stone. This may include natural, man-made or homemade products which contains anything acidic substance such as lemon or citric acid. Additionally, if you want to avoid using following products on your stone:

    Bleach: Everyone knows that bleach is a great disinfectant (Chemical used to kill germs & bacteria), but it can also dull the finish of your natural stone and in some cases it changes its color. There are many other safe ways to disinfect your stone, so it is better you avoid cleaning solutions, which has bleach as an ingredient in it.

    Glass cleaner: Windex may look like a good choice to use on the glossy finish of your granite counter. This product is made to remove dirt like fingerprint marks and they give an eye-catching shine to your countertop. However, they can also dull the finish of your granite, & they can dull in an uneven way that will make certain areas appear more noticeable to you in future.

    Formula 409: This is most popular bathroom cleaner in North America that can disinfect, remove soap scum and give your porcelain & ceramic a bright shine. Sad to say but it contains many hazardous ingredients’ that can ruin your granite surface. So, if you have granite in your bathrooms, avoid using traditional cleaning agents.

    Why to avoid such products:

    If you have such cleaners in your home, it is obvious you might be using it but you never noticed the damage that you are doing to your stone right away. Unfortunately, a single application of any acidic substance to your granite will do irreparable harm to the substance.

    This is due to acids, which removes the weaker particles of the stone up at the surface. This is known as etching, & when the weaker particles are removed, the area becomes dull. The only way to solve an etched countertop is to ground down and refinished. It is an expensive and inconvenient process. Etching is avoidable if you keep your stone sealed and use only PH neutral cleaners each and every time.

    What to use?

    Water: Water and a microfiber towel will clean about 80-90% of the dirt and surface debris from your granite. Use water and microfiber towel for regular cleaning.

    Isopropyl Alcohol: If you plan to disinfect your granite, add one part isopropyl with three parts water and apply it on the stone to clean it. This natural cleaner is a great disinfectant, and all of above it is PH neutral so it will not harm your stone.

    Dish soap: You will not believe most of the dish soap are PH natural. Ivory and Dawn liquids can both clean your stone; it will cut down oil and grease, and will not leave any etch marks behind.

    Castile Soap: If you need a natural product to clean your stone, consider castile soap, which is manufactured from olive oil. It has neutral PH, and you can add it with isopropyl alcohol and water to make it for all-purpose cleaner, which is safe for your granite.

    You can contact Five Star Carpet & Tile Care the best stone cleaning company in Palm Desert to help you out in stone cleaning services. As they have better techniques and tools to deal with.

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    get rid of Dog Hair and Pet Odor

    How to get rid of Dog Hair and Pet Odor?

    It is undeniable that puppies are adorable. We are a nation of people who love to cuddle with our pets. Their paws are too big for their bodies, making them trip and tumble as they run to greet you. In addition, they are always overjoyed when you get home. Although you may love your pets like a member of the family, you probably are not crazy about the way he makes your home an absolute mess of dog hair, dog odor and pet urine.

    While it can be challenging to eliminate dog-related cleaning and can be stressful. However, when you plan to adopt or buy a puppy, you know that there are chances for your carpets, floors, furniture and even clothes are covered in dog hair.

    Look at the following tips to help you to get rid of Dog Hair and Pet Odor


    Having a pet means dealing with dog hair on the carpeting, the furniture and your clothes. The first step to living fuzz-free with a pet dog is investing in a lint roller. Additionally, regular visits to the dog groomer or daily brushing can help keep pet hair at bay when your pup is shedding more.

    However, to keep dog hair in check on a long-term basis, you will need to roll up your sleeves and do some regular vacuuming. You may also want to consider buying a pet sponge—a dry sponge that is helpful in removing pet hair from places the vacuum will not reach.

    get rid of Dog Hair and Pet Odor


    When your pet has an accident on the carpet or floor, it is crucial to clean the pet urine as soon as you can. The smelling sense of pets are great. It will be able to tell where it had done the incident and will return to the scene of the crime repeatedly.

    To prevent this unfortunate chain of events, you need to use floor or carpet cleaners called “bacteria/enzyme digesters.” You can find these online and at most pet stores.


    To maximize the benefits of floor and carpet cleaners, you need to take the proper steps in cleaning up puppy messes:

    • Blot up pet urine with absorbent materials like paper towels or coffee filters. Repeat until no more liquid shows up on the towel or filter.
    • Read the directions on your bacteria/enzyme cleaner, and apply to the stained area in order to effectively remove both the mess and pet odor.
    • Press plastic firmly over the affected area. Keep applying pressure so floor and carpet cleaners really get in there.
    • Leave the plastic on the stained spot for the instructed amount of time.

    If your pet dog hits the same spot often, you will want to neutralize the pet odor. Mix one cup of vinegar with a gallon of warm water and apply to the stained patch of floor or carpet. Afterwards, apply another round of bacteria/enzyme carpet cleaner.


    Whether you stay at home with the kids or work in an office, you lead a busy life. Moreover, as much as you love your pet dog, you may find you just do not have the time to clean up after it and maintain regular housekeeping. Naturally, you do not want your house to stink of dog odor.

    Hiring professional cleaning services is an only option if this situation is alike yours. Five Star Carpet & Tile Care have the ability to eradicate dog and cat urine odors from deep within your carpet, backing, padding, and sub-floor. We provide cleaning services in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Indio and nearby areas.

    Call us 760-774-7961

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    remove paint from carpet

    How to remove paint from carpet?

    Carpet is the one of the important investments done by you when you settle your dream home. If you are proud of your home, of course you will want to make sure it is sparkling clean and welcoming at all times. I agree your curtains and upholstery is cleaned on a regular basis, you give proper time for cleaning your curtains and upholstery or you call out professional carpet cleaner twice a year to keep your carpet spotless. However, what about other fabrics in home.

    We get many FAQ’s every week, we try to answer them all, but from last few days, we are getting mails and questions about “How to remove paint from carpet?” This is the reason our next topic is “How to remove paint from carpet?” and we have planned to publish on our blog. Paint can be the most damaging stain on carpet if you do not respond in a right way to remove it. Thus learning how to remove paint from carpet is necessary for we do not know during home or just room renovation periods our carpet could accidentally get them.

    When you have accidentally spilled paint on your carpet, you need to hustle and need to take proper steps. You have a chance to restore your carpet when it is wet but if the paint gets dried, then you need to set a new budget for your new carpet. Because it has great possibility that your carpet has already been damaged.

    Here are some tips on how to remove paint from carpet. We hope these tip work out for you but in case you are not sure about DIY and you are facing the same situation. Call Five Star Carpet & Tile Care. We provide services for carpet cleaning in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, and Indio and nearby areas.

    Water Based paints

    Water based paints are easy to remove; they can be removed by using soap water and simple blotting and drying method.

    Follow the steps given below:

    Scrape excess water based paint. The first and vital step you need to take is remove the excess latex paint by scraping it with a spoon. Using a cloth will also help in it. Then you just need to blot it, so it absorbs the excess water based paint.

    Take a sponge, dipped in water, then blot over the area. Blot it from outer to inner part of the area. Make a dishwashing solution by adding 1 teaspoon of mild detergent and a mug of warm water. Now apply the solution and blot the area using sponge or cloth. Keep on repeating the step until the paint is removed. Then rinse it with water then blot to dry.

    remove paint from carpet

    Oil based paints

    Oil based paints are bit difficult to remove compared to water based paints, since it cannot be removed just by applying water and detergent. The best thing you can use to remove oil-based paint is dry cleaning solvent.

    Follow the steps given below:

    Pour little of dry cleaning solution on the affected area.

    Take a rug or towel and start blotting the affected area or dab the area. Do this repeatedly from outer to inner direction, until the paints vanishes.

    Never ever, clean the spot by just blotting. Just blotting will spread the paint more on your carpet. Even never, rub the area. If the paint is dried, then its better you call carpet cleaning experts to clean it and avoid further damage.

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    travertine tile floor

    Tips for Taking Care of Travertine Tile Floor

    Travertine is the best and favoured building material since the dawn of civilisation and was also opt by the Romans to construct the Coliseum. Modern business practices have made the production of travertine easier and thriftier, and nowadays it easily available for the flooring options.

    Acid products are very harmful to Travertine

    As we, all know travertine is made from water; it performs great in wet environment, so travertine is ideal for bathroom and wet rooms. The main characteristics of travertine is that it is full of holes. Due to calcium carbonate properties in it, travertine is very sensitive to acid, similar to marbles. It gives travertine the ability to bring up shine, but on the other hand makes it more exposed to staining.

    As soon as any acidic substance comes in contact with travertine it will etch. The reason could be your household cleaner. The more amount of acidic liquid, the faster etching takes place. However, do not worry we have a solution to remove etch marks. Only polishing can help you to remove etch marks.

    Travertine Tile Floor

    Travertine can be ‘filled’ or ‘unfilled’

    1. Unfilled Travertine

    Unfilled travertine creates a wonderful rustic look feel to any environment. Tiles are laid in an aperiodic design and you will find grout-joints are larger than normal, portraying a natural stone look. Due to the holes and large grout-joints, dirt will get settled into it. Unfilled travertine is high-maintenance option and if you want your floor to be in top condition, you need to re-seal it 1-2 times a year.

    Pro maintenance tip: We recommend, take the dust from tiles and epoxy resin and fill the holes. Holes can get bigger in coming time-period if not treated. You can seal it using tropical seal. You might be thinking it will ruin the look of flooring. Did I read your mind? Don’t worry penetrating seal will not alter the appearance of your tile, leaving the natural stone look?

    Topical seal will give glazed finish to your floor but will help prevent dirt getting collected in the grout-lines and holes. Five star carpet & tile care experts recommend topical seal in high traffic areas.

    Travertine Tile Floor

    2. Filled Travertine

    In filled travertine, the holes have been filled at industry. They are made with more variable forms with much thin grout lines. It can be polished up to a high shine and is estimated easier to maintain. Travertine which are filled should only be sealed with penetrating seals which gives you time to clean the spill before it seeps into the stone.

    Best tips on caring for your filled or unfilled Travertine tile floor

    1. Dust daily with a dry mop or vacuum. Mainly on high trafficked areas.
    2. Wet mop with a pH neutral stone cleaner diluted in warm water once a week.
    3. Rinse with a separate mop until all remnants of the soap is removed.
    4. Buff dry with a white cloth

    Test to see if your travertine floor needs to re-seal by pouring a small amount of water on it. If the water disappears this is a good indication the seal has broken down. You can also call the best tile and grout cleaning company in Palm Desert to help you out in tile and grout cleaning services. As they have better techniques and tools to deal with.

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    Upholstery Cleaning in Professional Way 1 (1)

    Upholstery Cleaning in Professional Way

    People often have doubt that they will get better results if they hire professional upholstery cleaners than doing it by themselves. While, there are obviously some problems that everyone can handle with ease on his own, but I will draw your attention to some cleaning operations that professionals apply, that reveal benefits of getting your upholstery cleaning in professional way.

    Hot water Extraction:

    In many cases, heat is the key to best cleaning results. Upholstery manufacturers mostly recommend hot water extraction method. Alas, we could not get the temperatures that is required for proper cleaning using our bare hands because it need temperature between 100 and 200 degrees. This method known as steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is the only method considered for deep cleaning. Rest all cleaning techniques are consider as light surface cleaning, as they cannot reach the soil and microbes under the fabric.

    Heated Cleaning Solution

    Professionals also prefer pre-spray-products; its temperature goes up to 100 degrees. That is impossible to do at home without professional equipment. It is globally accepted that hot water and solution can cause dullness in colour, shrinkage or any other type of damage to upholstery. This can be possible but in case of professionals working the chance is very less because the follow strict company procedures as pre-testing. The fact the public is unaware about is that hot water and solution vacuumed with powerful professional machine dries the fabric very fast, this prevents shrinking and colour dullness and results into great spotless result.

    Upholstery Cleaning in Professional Way

    Professional Tools

    Vacuum cleaners are normally available in every homes, in fact portable steam cleaners nowadays. However, the machines that professionals have are much more powerful and effective than yours. With these machines, professionals can deal with tough stains and dirt. It has more advantages as if the ratio can be adjusting the ratio between pressure and temperature. Modes can changed according to the upholstery types. When we talk about professional equipment, it is not only about vacuums and truck-mounts. Even the brushes used by professional upholstery cleaners called “agitation” of the pre-spray are designed for the best results.

    Cleaning products and detergents

    Professionals work with high-end machines and best products, which have best outcomes but hard to afford for everyday use like normal cleaning detergents, which are normally available in the local market. People are concerned because upholstery cleaners still use harsh chemicals for cleaning. However, nowadays due to standards and concerns regarding the family and environment they have switched to products that may not affects pets, children and people with asthma and sensitive skin.

    Five Star Carpet & Tile Care have built a good reputation for Palm Desert’s best upholstery cleaning service, but we offer so much more than just upholstery steam cleaning to our customers. Our cleaners will bring the sparkle and freshness back to your home in no time. Rest assured all of our team members are skilled experts.

    We guarantee the work we do; no matter how big or small is your property. All staff of Five Star Carpet & Tile Care go through intensive training sessions and master all techniques, including steam cleaning of upholstery. Besides their superior training, our cleaners receive background checking. They are also regularly check by our quality control supervisors and are fully insured.

    Are you looking for upholstery cleaning services in Palm Desert, Palm Springs or nearby area? Then you are at the right place. We can help you out with you upholstery problem.

    Fill our online enquiry form, our experts will get back to you.

    Call us +1 760-774-7961

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    Tile and grout cleaning services for Palm Desert

    Tile and grout cleaning services for Palm Desert

    We use professional tile cleaning technology to restore floor tiles. Your favorite carpet cleaners, Five Star Carpet & Tile Care now offer professional tile and grout cleaning services to Palm Desert homes and businesses. This professional service includes tile and grout cleaning and carried by trained tile cleaners. Palm Desert residents have long recognized the quality of Five Star Carpet & Tile Care’s work in cleaning services and can now appoint us for superior service to restore floor tiles in your home, office or other commercial location.

    What to Expect From Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Services?

    The grout between tiles can create a perfect breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria and diseases, mostly in wet areas. Dirt and grime builds up over time and is significantly harder to remove if left longer. We make use of the latest technologies in tile and grout cleaning and carefully select cleaners to remove stains, bacterial build-up and other unwanted residues from your tiled surfaces. Our professional tile and grout cleaning service covers all types of tile and grout you have.

    Tile and grout cleaning services for Palm Desert

    Our powerful professional systems for tile and grout cleaning achieves a deep down clean, with use of the latest high pressure steam cleaning and extraction machines and specialty cleaners to remove grime, dirt and bacteria from your tile & grout that sits between your tiles. Five Star Carpet & Tile Care restores the shine to your tiles making them look like brand new helping your home become a cleaner and healthier place.

    We are Not Just Carpet Cleaners

    Five Star Carpet & Tile Care have built a solid reputation for Palm Desert’s best carpet cleaning service, but we offer so much more than just steam cleaning to our residential and business customers. Our cleaners will bring the sparkle and freshness back to your home in no time. Rest assured all of our team members are skilled experts.

    We guarantee the work we do; no matter how big or small is your property. All staff of Five Star Carpet & Tile Care go through intensive training sessions and master all techniques, including steam cleaning of tiles. Besides their superior training, our cleaners receive background checking. They are also regularly checked by our quality control supervisors and are fully insured.

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    Green cleaning

    What is Green Cleaning and its benefits?

    What does green cleaning means?

    Green cleaning means by using cleaning methods and products with naturally friendly ingredients and processes, which designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. Briefly, green cleaning means cleaning in a way that is not just safe for people and safe for the environment, but that is also maintainable in the long term.

    Maintain Green Cleaning for long time

    It sounds difficult, but the idea is very simple. The meaning of it is just that cleaning in a way that we could keep on doing, day after day after day — and in actual, without draining the globe’s resources to the point that upcoming generations could not do the same. Moreover, in developed countries like US, in reality we have lifestyles that may require resources of several other planets to maintain them, by using today’s methods and technology. . Therefore, we need to find ways of doing the cleaning using less resources, which means using less materials, less chemicals, less energy and less water for each job.

    Green Cleaning Benefits:


    • Green cleaning benefits the environment by using non-toxic, biodegradable chemicals.
    • Reducing excess chemical usage through proper cleaning techniques.
    • Use of recycled paper products.


    • A Green cleaning program reduces coverage to toxic chemicals.
    • Reduces asthma attacks by effectively keeping out dust and chemical allergens.
    • Improves overall indoor air quality by reducing airborne dust and chemical gases.
    • Controls the spread of germs and disease by focusing on problem areas and properly applying disinfectants.


    • Green cleaning services include regular and improved maintenance of powered cleaning equipment.
    • Effectively reduces exposure to toxic and dangerous chemicals by implementing green products.
    • Utilizes automatic dilution dispensers for safer handling and efficient use of chemicals.
    • Proper and environmental friendly storage of chemicals.

    Manufacturers of cleaning products have a legal responsibility only to supply products that used safely and to provide use instructions and labelling where necessary to guide safe use. Products are risk evaluated to ensure there will be no harm to people or the environment when they are properly used. Therefore, whichever product you choose, cleaning safely is really just a question of doing what it says on the pack.

    Go Green with Five Star Carpet And Tile Care!

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    quality upholstery cleaning

    How to choose a quality upholstery cleaning company in Palm Desert?

    If you want to clean some upholstery in your home and you are looking for a company, how can you make sure you choose a quality upholstery cleaning company? In addition, why does this matter? Here are some tips on how to choose a quality upholstery cleaning company in Palm Desert?

    Why should you choose a quality upholstery cleaning company?

    When you are going to have your upholstery or sofas cleaned then probably, you want the results to be significant! You want the results to have the “wow” factor! Only an in-depth professional clean is going to achieve this, a quick job won’t. Afterward, it’s hopeful knowing that there are no nasty chemical residues and that the cleaning chemicals that we are using are not going to harm your fabrics or your health. Also choosing only a top quality cleaning company will ensure that the upholstery cleaner sent to your home is fully trained and experienced. Why take risk of anything else?

    How to choose a quality upholstery cleaning company in Palm Desert?

    There are some important questions to ask before you make a choice:-

    • Is the estimation supplied a fixed price and does it include all probable costs?
    • Who will be carrying out the upholstery cleaning?
    • How long will the work take?
    • What experiences does the upholstery cleaner hold?
    • What cleaning chemicals are using and will these be safe for your upholstery, health, pets etc.?

    A discussion covering the beyond questions will give you a good idea about the quality of the company.

    In addition to the above questions check out the company online, are their good testimonials from happy customers on their own both website and external websites such as Google Reviews etc.? By following the steps above you will know how to choose a quality upholstery cleaning company in Palm Desert.

    Is Five Star Carpet & Tile Care meeting the standards?

    Yes, we meet all of the above standards and are very glad to explain how Five Star Carpet & Tile Care carry out top quality upholstery cleaning, effectively and safely. Moreover, of course, we have fully trained and qualified upholstery cleaners. Call and put us to the test and you will find out that we are a quality upholstery cleaning company!

    More about Five Star Carpet & Tile Care

    Click here to find out more about our top quality cleaning services and take a look at our testimonials page to see what our customers say about Five Star Carpet & Tile Care.

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    pet odor removal quinta

    Pet odor removal is vital because your pet is a couch potato

    Many love to have pets at home, and they great to have because they are adorable. There are many reasons to have a pet at home. They protect your home eg. Dogs, pets play an important role of a best friend in one’s life. It has been proved that pets work as stress buster which very helpful who stay alone. However, sometimes they smell and leave that bad smell on your favorite couch. Might be possible your favorite couch can be favorite of your pets too!. No matters how much precautions you take, they leave odors in the home. Air fresheners and carpet fresheners are temporary solutions they vanish away after few hours.

    If you are a pet owner, it might be possible that they have a habit of sitting on the couch. Then its ok, they also love to sit on the surface which is cozy and comfortable. But doing this will leave some disgusting smell. You can also take care of your pets like giving bathe every day. If your pet is a couch potato, then it will smell at some level. Let’s learn something about pet odor removal.

    Never be laid back when it comes to pet odor:

    Don’t be too lazy that you start avoiding the pet odor in your furniture. It is possible you are unaware of the smell but the guest who visits your home can easily smell the pet odor very easily, so don’t wait for someone to tell you because it leaves a bad impression. I would suggest approaching a professional cleaner because these odors get in the furniture and then it becomes difficult to remove them. Professionals can deal with this easily because they have advanced equipment to clean the carpets and upholstery.

    Learn home hack tips:

    Using a deodorizer in the room can cover up odor for few hours but what about rest? It is helpful for few hours but after few hours the fragrance vanishes because of the gas in it. If you have been to any home which has pets, you might be aware of the smell? It stinks very badly, the reality is pet odor don’t only accumulate on the furniture the pet lays on all the time. If you use the same carpet cleaning brush to clean curtains and beddings then they will start smelling too. And in end, you have to contact a carpet and upholstery cleaning service to clean your entire home.

    Pet Odors Are Difficult To Remove On Your Own

    Many pet owners think buys tools for pet hair removal will do to keep their home neat and fresh. But what about the dry urine or urine stain on the couch? The odor will be there forever until you take initiative and clean it properly and thoroughly. Professionals can easily manage these type of stains as they are trained and experienced in these field and can make your room and furniture fresh and healthy.

    Five-star carpet deals with removing pet odor in Cathedral City every day. Our cleaner is specially trained with high-quality products and equipment. We use effective procedures without damaging the carpets. If your pet is also a couch potato then call us to help you out.

    To know more about the services click here.

    Get your free quote know  760-774-7961

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    Professional carpet cleaning

    Advantages of professional carpet cleaning by five star carpet and tile clean

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Be a Dirty Business”, many people try to clean their carpets on their own to save some penny. People need to understand that self-initiative is always a good idea but in this case, it won’t work. Vacuuming won’t work every time when it comes to cleaning professional care is needed as it not only about having it look good, but to maintain the hygiene around and lifespan of the carpet. Professional carpet cleaners like five-star carpet cleaners have several benefits over trying to clean the carpet on their own.

    Let’s see the advantages of professional carpet cleaning:

    1. Hi-tech equipment: Vacuum cleaning limits the level of cleaning. Dust particles get stuck in carpet fibres, the gap between the textiles etc. Home vacuum machine is manufactured according to home usages whereas professional vacuum cleaner is made with high suction power so can be used in multiple areas like residential and commercial. Dust and debris can be easily removed from the carpet. Professionals never cut down the edges. By hiring a professional, you can rest assured that they will use high-performance equipment to get the best results.
    1. Time-saving: Self-carpet cleaning could be a time-consuming and laborious job. Imagine comparing yourself using a vacuum with the professional carpet cleaner using high-end devices to clean. Who will do it faster? You know who can do it faster. Professionals are armed with high-performance cleaning equipment, a professional can wrap up his work in minutes. It is highly advisable to appoint a professional which will save your time in cleaning.
    1. Better knowledge: Carpet varies in many ways like thickness, fabric, color, design, and quality. This is the reason professional suggest a variety of cleaning when it comes to carpet cleaning. Professionals have expertise in cleaning carpets so they can easily handle all carpets because of the knowledge they have gained in learning years. They perform a best possible method to make the carpet as new as before. Risk of damage is also very low because of the knowledge. So it is a good idea to approach a professional to clean your carpet if you do not know much about your carpet.

    Cleaners at Five star carpet and tile clean are trained and skilled and have experienced cleaners who can complete your work easily and comparatively faster.

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