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    Learn How To Get Pet Odor Out of The House

    You probably landed here in search of how to get pet odor out of the house? Well, dealing with pet odor is just part of the gig for pet owners.

    Although you are in love with your pet, probably aren’t crazy about the way they make your home smell. Having pets doesn’t mean you need to live with their smells! While it is challenging to eliminate dog-related odors, it is possible to do but it will need a bit of effort and strategic smelly thinking.

    Here are 5 simple ways that can solve your question “How to get pet odor out of the house”

    Sweep and Mop All of Your Home’s Hard Floors

    The first thing you need to do is to remove all the (Mess) loose debris your pet create. This not only includes the hair and the dirt they track inside but their dander too. As hair, dander and dust particles are light, you need to do it carefully when trying to deal with them.

    Sweep and Mop

    Make sure you sweep gently so you don’t end up kicking these things up into the air, where they’ll spread to other areas of your house. Instead, try to sweep carefully, and ferry them to the trash can with a dustpan as frequently as possible.

    Once you are done with sweeping everything, go back and mop all the hard surfaces to eliminate any of the dust and debris you missed while sweeping. If you don’t want to break out the mop bucket, at least give the floor a nice cleaning using a cleaning solution.

    Get an Odor-Resistant Bed for Your Pet

    Your pet’s bed is one of those places which smell lurk. Buying a bed that has anti-microbial properties and resists orders is a step towards hygiene and cleanliness in the home. These beds are easy-to-clean, machine washable covers and can be used with odor trappers to keep the scent in the pouch and out of the air in your home.

    Odor-Resistant Bed for Your Pet

    Get an Air Purifier For Your Home

    Air purifiers are an ideal way to cut down on allergies and odors in the air keeping your house fresh. Make sure you buy a HEPA-type filter because they trap up to 99% of airborne particles and you can use it with or without the air fresheners.

    Odor-Resistant Bed for Your Pet

    Get a Blacklight (Ultra Violet Lights) and Get on To Your Forensic Analysis.

    Even after cleaning all the problematic areas you were able to find, but still, the odor continues to persist, you may need a high-tech solution. Saliva, urine, and other body fluids will glow when they are exposed to UV light, so you can use one to help you to find trouble areas which have previously eluded your attention.

    Blacklight (Ultra Violet Lights)

    You need to turn off all the lights inside your home before scanning with the UV lights. Make sure you scan your furniture and the lower portions of your walls too, to ensure you locate all of the problematic spots.

    UV lights will also show you a variety of things besides the body fluids, such as spilled drinks and the residue left behind by cleaning products. However, most of these things glow bright white, while urine and saliva tend to glow pale yellow to green.

    One Day in a Week Only For Pet Accessories Care

    Choose a day and wash all the pet-related items and give a proper bathe to pet as well. Gather up all those toys, beds, blankets, clothes, eating bowl, harness, etc. and wash them properly. This is a great day to rotate toys outs – keeping the toys clean cuts downs the smells in the storage area and prevent molds, mildews, etc. from growing.

    Blacklight (Ultra Violet Lights)

    These are the basic methods that can help you with “How to get pet odor out of the house”. Trying these basic methods will definitely make your home free from pet odor and stains.

    If you are looking for pet odor removal services in Palm Desert, call us today at 760-774-7961. Five Star Carpet & Tile Care has more than 19 years of experience in the cleaning industry. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter for more updates.

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    local carpet cleaners Palm Desert

    Best-Rated Local Carpet Cleaners in Palm Desert

    Located in the desert region of California lies the resort town known as Palm Desert. It is the city in Riverside County known for the place of relaxation, shopping, golf, quality Persian carpets, and Oriental area rugs. If you have one of these carpets in your home, then cleaning them must be your top priority. Looking for the reputable local carpet cleaners in Palm Desert?

    Providing carpet cleaning since 2001 in Palm Desert and nearby areas in CA, Five Star Carpet & Tile Care is your definite choice. No matter what type of stain or deeply penetrated dust contaminants in your carpet, our team of palm desert carpet cleaning experts will help you remove all.

    Merits of Choosing Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

    Prolong The life of Your Carpeted Areas

     Using professional carpet cleaning methods including hot water extraction to dry carpet cleaning, experts provide deeply sanitized carpets. Also, help to reduce the build-up of debris in the carpet during regular vacuuming.

    Contributes To a Healthier Environment

    During the carpet cleaning process, the usage of high-temperature water with eco-friendly cleaning solutions kills most of the allergens so there is no longer a health threat and leaves the carpet fully sanitized.

    Improves Overall Room Ambiance

    The room only looks dull and boring because of dirty carpets. Cleaning and sanitizing your carpets with the help of best professional carpet cleaning companies enhances overall room appearance.

    Overall, hiring the local carpet cleaners in Palm Desert is the important considerations which should not be taken for granted. This is because the right carpet cleaner helps you remove hard stains, dust contaminants, and dirt. Approach Five Star Carpet & Tile Care to get the quality carpet cleaning services in Palm Desert. We deliver the deepest and thorough cleaning services at the most competitive rates. Our quality work has helped us to be in the top carpet cleaning companies in California.

    Call us today at 760-774-7961 and make your Palm Desert carpet cleaning service booking with free estimates.

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    Carpet Cleaning

    Why Hot Water Extraction is Considered as Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

    When we talk about Carpet Cleaning, there are so many methods used for eliminating the dirt out of your carpet like carpet shampooing, hot water extraction, dry steam cleaning, dry compound cleaning. You can easily get confused about what they want to say. To make the case worse, the company uses these words to mislead the client. Even less reputable companies will take advantage if you use a generic term, such as steam cleaning.

    Well, there are several methods in use for cleaning carpets, with the most popular being hot water extraction cleaning. This is the technique we usually recommend here at Five Star Carpet Care. As it gives your carpet a deep clean, getting you rid of not just dirt but also the lethal allergens, dust mites and more.

    However, the best method of carpet cleaning also depends on the carpet fabric on which they will perform the cleaning. Most of the carpet fabrics get really a thorough clean from hot water extraction, but it could spell disaster for carpets made from fibers such as sisal or jute. A jute carpet may look hard wearing, but the fibers are delicate. So, make sure you never saturate, otherwise, your carpet may never be the same.

    What is hot water extraction carpet cleaning?

    Professionals wash the carpet with highly pressurized water and a solution of the cleaning agent. Then they remove this liquid using a powerful vacuum and deposited into a separate tank. Then they repeat the process until they get the perfect result. Using pressurized water helps them to agitate the carpet fibers and removes dirt from deep within the carpet and the vacuum immediately draws the waste out, leaving your carpet thoroughly clean.

    When it comes to stubborn stain removal, hot water extraction is the best method to clean. Additional advantages of the hot water extraction are that it leaves no residue on your carpet and removes all the odors from your carpets more effectively than with any other cleaning method. This deep carpet cleaning method helps to get rid of allergens, mildew, fungi and dust mites in your carpet. Hence, this is the ideal method if anyone in your house has an allergy issue with these unwanted guests. A clean carpet means a healthier home.

    These where some factors that prove that hot water extraction is the best method for carpets when it comes to deep cleaning. If you are looking for deep carpet cleaning services, call us. At Five Star Carpet and Tile Care, we offer many other cleaning services apart from the carpet. We usually recommend the hot water extraction method after knowing the fabric material because we are passionate about restoring your carpet to its original condition.

    Get in Touch With Us!

    Call us at 760-774-7961 for booking and free quotes. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter to get regular updates!

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    How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning

    How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning in A Right Way?

    This time you have something bigger to deal with, as you are not just dealing with a small spill or stain, but a wet carpet. Professionals are great at doing the carpet cleaning job. Also, they know the best way on how to dry carpet after cleaning. Therefore, while you are performing DIY, you need to take extra precautions to avoid issues.   

    When steam carpet cleaning or shampooing the carpet in your home, you may get the carpet clean but will leave moisture behind that requires removal. Taking care of the moisture quickly prevents the opportunity for mildew growth, eliminating the risk of bacterial growth and associated odor.

    Here are ways that can help you dry your carpet after cleaning:


    So, the first one is to open the window. It is the easiest way to get your carpet dry quickly. It is advisable to open windows on a warm day with low humidity; the air will quickly dry your carpeting and leave the room smelling fresh and aired out.

    Portable Fans

    Place fans around the room, pointing them down so they directly hit the carpeting. Additionally, make sure you shift them every hour to dry different areas of carpeting and repeat until the carpet is dry. If you have ceiling fans in the room, turn those on.


    A dehumidifier is specially designed to accumulate moisture from the room. They are one of the ideal options when you have damp carpet and you want to dry them quickly. Set the dehumidifier in the middle of the room and turn it on high. Check back every hour, emptying the fluid container as needed when moisture collects.

    Rented Industrial Vacuums

    Absorb the excess water with a rented vac that has wet and dry functionalities, which is helpful to remove the excessive amounts of moisture that are left behind on the carpet. You can use the vacuum just as you use a vacuum, running it over the carpeting and emptying the container as needed if the collected fluid reaches the fill line.

    The list given above has the best and effective ways to dry your carpet after cleaning. Try these methods and protect your carpet from degrading. For any queries call us at 760-774-7961 or drop an email at fivestarcarpetandtileclean@gmail.com

    If you looking for professional carpet cleaning service in Palm Desert, call us today to have the top-notch carpet cleaning services.

    Get in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

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    Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services

    Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services That Improves Your Home Value

    If you are planning to sell your property this year, then probably you have to take essential steps that increase your home market value. From investing in a vinyl siding, a new roof, or a new layer of paint in all the rooms, might help you in impressing the home buyer. Above all, it is also important to have a carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

    The significance of Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services

    Preparing to sell your home involves cleanliness of your carpeted areas and furniture because these elements draw the attention of the potential buyer. If you have dirty carpets and upholstered furniture, then it can make a negative impression on buyers. As a result, you get less selling amount than expected.

    Carpet and upholstery cleaning services are one of the easiest ways to improve your home value. It helps you clean all the dust contaminants and hard stains penetrated deep inside the fabric. Besides that, hiring professionals providing the cleaning services using the best carpet cleaning solution ensures a safe and healthy home environment to live in.

    How Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Help You Increase Home Value?

    Professionals start their cleaning process with inspection to ensure that every aspect of your home is spotless. After inspecting every aspect, the actual cleaning process starts which provides you sparkling clean carpeted areas and upholstered furniture. It helps you remove all the dirt and allergens from the carpet fibers.

    We can say this is a good step towards enhancing the interior of your home quickly. There are few things which you can accomplish by renting a steam cleaner, but for quality cleaning result in less time, it is advisable to hire the professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service provider.

    In conclusion, with carpet and upholstery cleaning you can restore the original look of your carpet and upholstery while increasing the value of your home. The better your home will look, the more chances of getting it to sold quickly. Also, you can get the higher asking price for your home. So, look for the experts to help you get your carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned.

    If you have a question, “where can I get the quality service of carpet and upholstery near me”, then your search ends here at Five Star Carpet & Tile Care. We provide you the highest quality cleaning services in Indio, CA and nearby areas. Using advanced cleaning tools and equipment, we help restore the brand new look for your carpet and furniture. Call us at 909-997-0798, we are 24/7 available to solve all your doubts.

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    Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning Palm Desert

    Merits of Hiring Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning in Palm Desert

    Palm Desert is the beautiful city in the heart of California. It includes everything from natural beauty to man-made amenities making it the best destination for mind, body, and spirit. Often people of Palm Desert and nearby areas seek for the quick dry carpet cleaning method.

    Why Does Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning Method Gain Popularity?

    This is because as a carpet owner it is very important for you to keep choosing the best cleaning method among a wide range of cleaning processes. It makes the huge difference in the areas like cleanliness, condition and the overall appearance of your carpet.

    People using traditional carpet cleaning method which includes usage of water and cleaning solutions also turn towards using quick dry carpet cleaning methods. This method has gained popularity in recent years because it takes less time in drying process while providing quality cleaning result.

    Still, if you are not familiar with the quick dry carpet cleaning service and don’t know whether to go for the best quick dry carpet cleaner or not, check out some of its benefits. 

    Benefits Of Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning in Palm Desert

    1. Saves you both time and effort

    For every homeowner living in Palm Desert, California had one concern in mind regarding the amount of time that it takes to clean the carpets. This is because to maintain the balance between daily work schedule and family responsibilities. Compared with traditional carpet cleaning method, quick dry carpet cleaning in Palm Desert is the best. In this method, you don’t have to wait for entire carpet fabric to dry completely. This is the enormous perk for the Palm Desert homeowners as now they can do other important tasks.

    2. An effective method for cleaning carpet

    Along with worrying about the time to clean the carpet, you also want quality results, then quick drying carpet cleaning method is the best fit for your budget. With this method, you don’t have to invest a lot of time and worry about the cleanliness of your carpet. You will get guaranteed cleaning result under fast drying process. Within a fraction of time, your entire carpet look will change and you will get the sparkling clean look of your carpet.

    Leading Provider Of Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning in Palm Desert

    If you are seeking for the effective quick dry carpet cleaning in Palm Desert, then Five Star Carpet & Tile Care is the ultimate destination. Over the years, we provide you the safest and exceptional dry carpet cleaning services using 100% safe and 100% non-toxic solutions. For more details about our carpet cleaning services in Palm Desert and nearby areas, contact us at +1 760-774-7961.

    Follow us on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to get updated about our top carpet cleaning offers.

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    Professional Upholstery Cleaning

    Unlock the Causes To Hire A Professional Upholstery Cleaning

    Have you ever thought why you frequently vacuum your floors or wipe the benchtops? Why the items got immediately dirty again the time you performed cleaning? It is the exhausting thing to clean your home frequently, still; you forget some areas to clean. Most of the people put off the cleaning jobs until they observed the dingy and dirty areas again. professional upholstery cleaning is the one.

    No matter how often you clean your upholstered furniture once you forget to clean, it becomes a daunting task. The areas like couches, chairs or sofa get dirty frequently and the need for professional upholstery cleaner arise to help you get rid of contaminants making the furniture dirty.

    But, before relying on any upholstery cleaning service provider near you it is important to find out the causes responsible for lurking the beauty of your upholstered furniture. You are not the only one that gets comfortable and sits on your couch.

    Hold On! How Much You Clean The Property, The Following Remains in Your Upholstery:-

    1. Allergens and Dust Mites

    It is the noticeable truth, dust mites love to rest in the soft fibers of upholstery. Mites leave waste material behind, which you can inhale them. This might cause health issues like asthma or allergies.

    So, to keep rid of these allergens and dust mites, opt for professional upholstery cleaning at least every 6 months or every 3 to 4 months if you have children or pets at home.

    2. Bacteria and Viruses

    Over the years, upholstered furniture gets dirty which contains bacteria and germs. They attach to the upholstery fibers and can easily get transformed to clothes and other parts of the body.

    Hiring professional upholstery cleaner specializes in the removal of bacteria and germs from your furniture can help you with a safe and healthy home environment to live in.

    3. Grease and Oils  

    Whenever you sit or touch the furniture and other upholstered items, body oil get absorb into the fibers. As a result, the possibility of attracting dirt and creating stains increases.

    Through regular upholstery cleaning, you can get away with these grease and oil stains. Also, can prolong the lifespan of your furniture fibers.

    Where Can I Find The Best Upholstery Cleaning Near Me?

    After knowing about the causes that make your upholstery dirty, if you have a question about choosing the professional upholstery cleaner, then your wait has ended. We, at Five Star Carpet and Tile, provides you the best upholstery cleaning service in Palm Springs CA, Bermuda Dunes CA, Desert Hot Springs CA, Indio CA, LA Quinta CA, Palm Springs CA and Rancho Cucamonga CA. We aim to deliver our clients with the highest quality cleaning service.

    To know more about our cleaning services, Call Now 24×7: 909-997-079! Else, get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

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    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning Services: Make Your Office Look Professional

    For workaholics, an office is like a second home. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average adult spends more awake time at work than at home. Don’t you think maintaining hygiene at the workplace an essential part of the business? There are several factors that has significance when it comes to productivity in the workplace. Such as the culture of the office, management styles, and general morale. There are many managers who spend so much of time and effort gaining and keeping customers, minimizing cost, maximizing the profit; they ignore the subtle importance of maintaining a healthy work environment. Here, commercial carpet cleaning service will help you enhance the overall office environment. 

    Let’s look at how employees and client are undoubtedly affected by just the first glimpse of your office. Because look matters a lot!!!

    Leaving the Right Impression

    OK, let me ask you a simple question, how much time do you spend in front of the mirror in the morning?

    Likewise, you are concerned about your looks and your self-image, the cleanliness of the workplace speaks volumes about the culture of the company. So much of what goes into making the right impression is about the image.

    What do you intend to convey to your clients from the look of your office? This is an echo that what you expect from your employees and clients. One of the major parts of these includes the decor. Which is what commercial carpet cleaning aims to enhance. As said, the first impression is the last impression.

    Reduced Healthcare Costs

    There are many benefits of having cleaning working space. Working in a clean space has more productivity because it diminishes the risk of air-borne diseases and eventually increasing health-related absences. More than that, healthcare costs are gradually increasing which will definitely impact the bottom line. Managers need to direct concerted efforts towards improving employee health, promoting a comprehensive wellness program and reducing illness/injury prevention.

    What we can do to have a healthy workforce? A neat and clean environment will reduce allergens and other pollutants in the environment, leading to improved health.

    High Confidence Level

    There is a phrase ‘If Monday doesn’t motivate you, switch your job!’ The major role behind motivation is the work environment. A company committed to employee engagement and customer satisfaction will ensure the office has a positive vibe, clean desks, fresh air, open spaces, and clean bathrooms.

    These are visible factors to be taken care of. It also includes minute details such as like a flawless looking carpet with no stain; a naturally pleasing odor around the office-simply the way things are meticulously organized.

    Employees will get automatically motivated because of the positive vibes. Businesses might have to deal with reduced employee productivity levels, without realizing that they have then acceptable work environment.

    Call us if you are looking for professional carpet cleaning in Palm Desert. Five Star Carpet and Tile Care have 18 years of experience in carpet cleaning.

    Get in touch with us Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google.

    Call us at 760-774-7961

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    pet odor removal

    Tips & Tricks For Pet Odor Removal.

    Never Take Pet Odor Removal Services For Granted, It can be risky for your health and for your loved ones.

    Adopting a pet is a great job, but training them can be a tough job. The carpets in the home may have to face lots of things before the dog or a cat learns the right indoor behavior. It is not only about small puppies or kittens, but the accident can also be possible indoors when the pet is too old. Pets can leave strong odors and pet hairs in carpet making it a difficult job, especially when accidents are happening regularly.

    To reduce carpet damage and increase the success of your pet odor removal efforts, vacuum regularly and try to deal with the soiled area as soon as you find evidence of an accident.

    Quick Response is The First Step Towards Carpet Mitigation

    Taking quick steps to deal with pet accidents will lessen long-term effects like lingering odor or carpet stains. Furthermore, pets tend to have future accidents in areas where they smell pet odors. This is because of the liquid for eg. pet urine, it can seep deep into the carpet padding. In this situation you need to blot up as much of the accident as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) suggests starting from the outer area of the stain using a bristle brush and a paper towel. Make sure you blot rather than scrubbing with paper towels to avoid pieces tearing and sticking in the carpet. If still the odor stays you need to call a pet odor removal professional.

    Masking The Odor Or Eliminating It?

    Scented candles, air fresheners, and household cleaning solutions can only provide temporary pet odor masking solution. Sadly, with these methods, the masking scent finally wears off and the animal will be drawn back to the accident site. To eliminate them completely, you need to use the solutions specially made for them or the best thing you can do is call the professionals. They have years of experience with the best tools, equipment, and solutions. So it is better to have professional pet odor removal services and eliminate it from the roots rather than just masking it using temporary remedies.

    Five Star Professionals Have Expertise at Pet Odor Removal Services

    Our professionals can eliminate cat and dog urine odors from deep within your carpet, backing, padding, and sub-floor. Our team firstly saturate the contaminated area using our chemicals that are effective and specially made for decontamination and deodorizing. Five Star Carpet & Tile Care uses truck-mounted systems to eliminate pet odor issues. It is considered as the most effective pet odor remediation treatment available today.

    If you are searching for professionals providing pet odor removal. Call us. Five Star Carpet and Tile Care are providing Pet odor removal services since 2001. Our certified cleaners guarantee 100% quality services, hire us and make your carpet and home odor free. 

    For regular updates you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, Instagram.

    Call us at  +1 760-774-7961.

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    Tile and Grout Cleaning Indio CA

    Tile and Grout Cleaning: An Ideal Way to Maintain Your Flooring

    Your entire tiled surface can lose the appearance because of the dirty and discolored grouts. Actually, the one difference between clean-looking tiles and disgusting-looking tiles is the condition of your grout. The only solution for both is proper care by performing tile and grout cleaning on regular basis.

    It doesn’t matter whether you have tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, or somewhere else: the grout between the tiles can get easily stained. In the kitchen, the cooking spills are the major reason for stains on the grout. When it comes to the bathroom, soap, mold, and mildew work in tandem to discolor your grout. 

    So, are you figuring out how to make your tiled floors, walls, and counters clean? Always begin with a thorough grout cleaning. Fortunately, you can use this quick and easy method to eliminate dirt and grime and make your tiled surface look good as new! We know you have a hectic schedule, so here we have shared some simple and quick tips that can help you to maintain and enjoy clean tile and grout at your home.

    3 Tips to Have Sparkling Tile and Grout at Your Home

    1. Use baking soda and vinegar

    Make a solution of baking soda and vinegar, this can help you to clean the grouts. If your home has marbles or limestone tile, avoid using vinegar as it can spoil the natural stone. Alternatively, you can use baking soda and water to perform tile and grout cleaning, this will eliminate stains from the grout without harming the surface.

    2. Use bleach and water

    Before you apply bleach to the surface apply some warm water to the tile and the grout. Use a brush to scrub the bleach into the tile, and rinse away the dirt with warm water. If you want you can repeat the process until both the grout and tile look clean and polished. Then you need to mop or wipe the surface removing the remnants of the bleach.

    3. Use dish soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide

    Firstly, blend baking soda, dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide in a bowl, and then mix it properly and make a paste. Apply this paste on the grout, and use a brush to scrub away the dirt and grime from the surface. Then you need to rinse the mixture with warm water and repeat the application if the dirt or the stain remains. Make sure you do not brush too aggressively on natural stone or grout as it can damage the surface. Finally, you need to rinse the surface one and use a clean white cloth to make it dry.

    Have professional tile and grout cleaning at home

    If you have a hectic schedule or you need to manage the home from kids to pets. There is no need to spend hours scrubbing your tile with DIY cleaners. Five Star Carpet & Tile Care can help. We have helped many customers in Indio and nearby areas since 2001 and continue to keep their tile and grout cleaning and shining.

    Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and get regular updated related to our services.

    Call us today at +1 760-774-7961 for an appointment.

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