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    pet odor removal

    Tips & Tricks For Pet Odor Removal, Bermuda Dunes, CA

    Never Take Pet Odor Removal Services For Granted, It can be risky for your health and for your loved ones.

    Adopting a pet is a great job, but training them can be a tough job. The carpets in the home may have to face lots of things before the dog or a cat learns the right indoor behavior. It is not only about small puppies or kittens, but the accident can also be possible indoors when the pet is too old. Pets can leave strong odors and pet hairs in carpet making it a difficult job, especially when accidents are happening regularly.

    To reduce carpet damage and increase the success of your pet odor removal efforts, vacuum regularly and try to deal with the soiled area as soon as you find evidence of an accident.

    Quick Response is The First Step Towards Carpet Mitigation

    Taking quick steps to deal with pet accidents will lessen long-term effects like lingering odor or carpet stains. Furthermore, pets tend to have future accidents in areas where they smell pet odors. This is because of the liquid for eg. pet urine, it can seep deep into the carpet padding. In this situation you need to blot up as much of the accident as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) suggests starting from the outer area of the stain using a bristle brush and a paper towel. Make sure you blot rather than scrubbing with paper towels to avoid pieces tearing and sticking in the carpet. If still the odor stays you need to call a pet odor removal professional.

    Masking The Odor Or Eliminating It?

    Scented candles, air fresheners, and household cleaning solutions can only provide temporary pet odor masking solution. Sadly, with these methods, the masking scent finally wears off and the animal will be drawn back to the accident site. To eliminate them completely, you need to use the solutions specially made for them or the best thing you can do is call the professionals. They have years of experience with the best tools, equipment, and solutions. So it is better to have professional pet odor removal services and eliminate it from the roots rather than just masking it using temporary remedies.

    Five Star Professionals Have Expertise at Pet Odor Removal Services

    Our professionals can eliminate cat and dog urine odors from deep within your carpet, backing, padding, and sub-floor. Our team firstly saturate the contaminated area using our chemicals that are effective and specially made for decontamination and deodorizing. Five Star Carpet & Tile Care uses truck-mounted systems to eliminate pet odor issues. It is considered as the most effective pet odor remediation treatment available today.

    If you are searching for professionals providing pet odor removal in Bermuda Dunes call us. Five Star Carpet and Tile Care are providing Pet odor removal services since 2001. Our certified cleaners guarantee 100% quality services, hire us and make your carpet and home odor free. 

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    Tile and Grout Cleaning Indio CA

    Tile and Grout Cleaning: An Ideal Way to Maintain Your Flooring

    Your entire tiled surface can lose the appearance because of the dirty and discolored grouts. Actually, the one difference between clean-looking tiles and disgusting-looking tiles is the condition of your grout. The only solution for both is proper care by performing tile and grout cleaning on regular basis.

    It doesn’t matter whether you have tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, or somewhere else: the grout between the tiles can get easily stained. In the kitchen, the cooking spills are the major reason for stains on the grout. When it comes to the bathroom, soap, mold, and mildew work in tandem to discolor your grout. 

    So, are you figuring out how to make your tiled floors, walls, and counters clean? Always begin with a thorough grout cleaning. Fortunately, you can use this quick and easy method to eliminate dirt and grime and make your tiled surface look good as new! We know you have a hectic schedule, so here we have shared some simple and quick tips that can help you to maintain and enjoy clean tile and grout at your home.

    3 Tips to Have Sparkling Tile and Grout at Your Home

    1. Use baking soda and vinegar

    Make a solution of baking soda and vinegar, this can help you to clean the grouts. If your home has marbles or limestone tile, avoid using vinegar as it can spoil the natural stone. Alternatively, you can use baking soda and water to perform tile and grout cleaning, this will eliminate stains from the grout without harming the surface.

    2. Use bleach and water

    Before you apply bleach to the surface apply some warm water to the tile and the grout. Use a brush to scrub the bleach into the tile, and rinse away the dirt with warm water. If you want you can repeat the process until both the grout and tile look clean and polished. Then you need to mop or wipe the surface removing the remnants of the bleach.

    3. Use dish soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide

    Firstly, blend baking soda, dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide in a bowl, and then mix it properly and make a paste. Apply this paste on the grout, and use a brush to scrub away the dirt and grime from the surface. Then you need to rinse the mixture with warm water and repeat the application if the dirt or the stain remains. Make sure you do not brush too aggressively on natural stone or grout as it can damage the surface. Finally, you need to rinse the surface one and use a clean white cloth to make it dry.

    Have professional tile and grout cleaning at home

    If you have a hectic schedule or you need to manage the home from kids to pets. There is no need to spend hours scrubbing your tile with DIY cleaners. Five Star Carpet & Tile Care can help. We have helped many customers in Indio and nearby areas since 2001 and continue to keep their tile and grout cleaning and shining.

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    Professional Carpet Cleaning

    5 Tips to Consider After Professional Carpet Cleaning to extend carpet life

    No matter how hard you try to maintain the cleanliness in your home, if carpet cleaning or maintenance not done properly, it will not look good. Carpets face a lot of things especially when you have kids and pet at home. We all know how expensive it could be to get new carpets installed especially if you are doing it more often than needed. While some carpets may last longer than others, you must take care of it or it will be ruined anytime soon.  

    That’s why it is said, it is possible for you to minimize the wear and tear that will surely come. How do you do it?

    Here we have shared some simple and effective tips that can help to extend your carpets life:

    Regular Cleaning

     It is considered one of the best and easiest ways to get the maximum. Not all type of vacuum cleaners has the same quality. Buying a cheap one will lead to carpet damage. Debris can settle in your carpet and can lead to wear and tear of the carpet. Using the best quality vacuum can give your carpet deep cleaning. This is possible because it has powerful suction to eliminate every single debris.

    Quick Response to Spots and Marks

    The more time spots stay on the carpet the more they will be absorbed into the carpet fibers. So, you need to respond to the stains immediately. If you don’t act quickly, it can soak into the carpet fibers and will cause damage. If the spots or spills get enough time to dry and set, they will turn into permanent stains. To avoid a permanent stain you need to clean it quickly. If it is possible for you, keep all the food and drinks in the kitchen away from the carpet.

    Rearrangement of Furniture

    You need to rearrange your furniture over the carpet regularly or else you will notice furniture marks on the carpet. Typically, these happen with the low-quality carpets. Your carpet provider should suggest you the best-suited carpet which can withstand furniture indications/ wear and tears, so you don’t need to ask the 3rd person.

    No Shoe Rule

    If your shoes look clean, still avoid them wearing in the home because they are carrying lots of unwanted items to your carpet. Oil, dirt, particles can easily be stuck in the shoes and enter the house. These shoes walk through the carpet leaving all the particles in the carpet fibers causing wear and tear. As said “precaution is better than cure”, remove your shoes before you enter the house. Place a nice signboard with a positive message to leave their shoes outside. This will make your carpet less dirty so you can vacuum less often and ultimately this will help you to extend the carpet life.

    Approach a Professional

    Lastly, the best thing you can do is to call a professional. Many carpets need professional carpet cleaning either twice or once a year. When you think how to make your carpet last longer, maintenance is the most important thing. Calling a professional will give a reliable, reputable, and experienced carpet cleaning services.

    If you are in search of professional carpet cleaning services, call Five Star Carpet & Tile Care now to get the best offers on carpet cleaning services. You can follow us on Google+, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

    Contact no: 760-774-7961

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    Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Be Avoided

    It doesn’t matter how much care you take for the assets in the home, accidents are common and going to happen where food or drinks, or any other substance is dropped on to your carpet. The most common step usually people take in such situation is spot cleaning. Whether it is mopping up coffee spills from carpet or cleaning up the pet accident, a carpet certainly takes a beating. There are many ways to remove common spills and stains but there are 3 carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid at all costs when cleaning your carpet.

    You might be thinking about which things should be avoided while cleaning carpets at home. So the first tip may come as a surprise.

    Market-Bought Carpet Cleaning Solutions

    Generally speaking, it’s good to avoid supermarket carpet cleaning products, whether they be foam, sprays, or liquids. Most of the products categorized for ‘cleaning carpets’ tend to leave a residue behind your carpet. This residue attracts the soil and dust over time leaving you with a brown spot on the carpet in the area you thought you had cleaned. Soap by nature attracts dirt and is then designed to be rinsed off. When you use over the counter carpet cleaner it’s impossible to ever wash it away completely and as a result soap residue on the carpet and continue to attract all manner of dirt and soils.

    Never Use Colored Towels

    You need to avoid a colored towel when you are performing spot cleaning on your carpet or mopping up a spill. Using a colored cloth may run the risk of the color bleeding or transferring itself onto the carpet fibers. The best example of this is using a red towel on a pale beige carpet. Instead always use a clean white cloth or paper towels to do the dirty work.

    Make Sure You Never Rub

    It can be tempting to rush at a dirty mark or spill to eliminate it, and this is one of the most common carpet cleaning mistakes that people make. Everyone is taught to scrub away the dirty marks in order to clean most of the things but when it comes to carpet, the opposite action is required. The rubbing and scrubbing the stains on the carpet can spread over a large area, making it bigger. The solution for this is “Blotting”. If you feel you need more pressure then simply stand on top of several paper towels to help them soak up the moisture. The additional weight can help to soil or spill to transfer onto the towel that you’re cleaning your carpet with.  

    If you need the help of professional carpet cleaner, then make a call to Five Star Carpet & Tile Care on +1 760-774-7961. We are cleaning carpet for many years and our team has all the necessary skills, products, and equipment, to restore your carpet so it looks as good as new.

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